Events & Exhibitions

Understand if your trade fair and expo activities and efforts have a positive return in terms of marketing investment.

Events and exhibitions are important grounds for businesses to make lasting impressions and present their products and services.

At the end of the day, the main ideas behind an expo presence is lead generation and utilizing direct sales opportunities. Businesses want to evaluate if their marketing efforts for the events or expos are paying of in terms of ROI. Along with lead generation, cost effective networking and marketing are inevitable outcomes of expo shows.

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People Counting Benefits for Events & Exhibitions:

People CountingRealtime Traffic

Count the number of people entering and exiting your event or expo with 98% accuracy, in real time. Compare your hourly and daily traffic even with previous years’ traffic.

People CountingPeak Hours

Discover your power hours in which your event or expo generates most traffic. Manage promotions, other marketing activities and campaigns accordingly.

People CounterStaff Optimization

Optimize staff allocation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your event or expo area during power hours. Increase overall visitor satisfaction.

Wi-Fi Tracking Benefits for Events & Exhibitions:

People CountingRetention Rate

Know the ratio of your repeating visitors and how frequently they visit your event or expo. Make sure to keep them satisfied throughout their visit, so they come back as loyal invitees every year .

People CountingAverage Waiting Time

Measure the average dwell time of your visitors within your event or expo and in each aisle. Spark their interest and increase time spent within the expo area and achieve brand awareness.

Heatmap Benefits for Events and Exhibitions:

People CountingPopular Area Detection

Discover the popular areas and aisles your visitors are being attracted to within your events or expos. Understand the reasons behind the performance of these successful areas, and apply this knowledge to other areas to reach the same performance or a higher level.

People CountingMarketing Effectiveness

Measure marketing effectiveness by analyzing the success of your campaigns and different media channels used in different areas across your expo area and booths,hence delist the least attractive activities that do not generate any traffic.

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