Wi-Fi Pathmap

Track the path your customers follow from the moment they enter your store until they leave. Get the analysis of the entire store with your staff excluded!

V-Count Wifi Pathmap Tracker pins and tracks the footsteps of customers through the pings their smartphones emit in search of a Wi-Fi network once they walk into your store and follows their route throughout their journey. You can deduct the number of your staff from the total visitor count to get the “staff eliminated, pure visitor flow” to see the real picture. You can get the complete overview of the success of your different product lines and various zones across your store by knowing about shoppers beyond where their legs take them.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Pathmap

People Counter

Customer Tracking

Track and record the path and actions of your customers in your stores in real time. Understand where they are lingering, and where they are buying.

Marketing Effectiveness

Improve marketing effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels. Receive your data on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

People Counting
People Counting

Staff Elimination

Receive “pure” visitor traffic data on a daily basis. Track your staff’s Mac ID addresses and deduct them from the total people count

Measure Success Of Products

Measure how attractive your new product line is and which products are sold effectively when placed in different zones.

People Counting
zone comparison

Zone Comparison

Determine the different zones in your location and compare/contrast the occupancy ratio of those areas.

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