5 Reasons to Use a People Counter for Your Business

People counter sensors and data analytics platforms provide a wealth of information that can improve various aspects of your business. Understanding footfall visitor traffic in your retail stores or business venues is an important indicator that allows you to identify areas for improvement and make fact-based and informed business decisions.

Foot Traffic Counters: A Competitive Advantage
Footfall analysis data from traffic counters provide you with accurate numbers of people entering your store. With this information, you can compare your customers’ conversion rates and average transaction values to footfall traffic numbers, which will give you a clear understanding of your customers’ buying habits and ways to improve sales.

 Smart counters are a valuable source of information. Here are some of the many ways your business can leverage a people counting sensor and analytics platform:

Understand Weather Impact

Studies have shown that customers are less likely to go shopping during bad weather conditions. Since businesses have no control over the weather, it’s essential to understand the impact weather has on your visitor traffic. Based on such data, you can schedule staff properly before or after certain weather conditions.

Staff Optimization
Customer behavior and visitor numbers can help you better understand staffing needs. Footfall insights within a location can be broken down to the time of day. By aggregating this historical data, you can predict your busiest hours and day, and as a result, strategically allocate your staff. This ensures you have the right number of staff members at the right times, reducing abandonment rates and improving customer satisfaction.

Measure Your Marketing ROI

Businesses can use V-Count’s business intelligence platform to determine the success of marketing campaigns. The Marketing Campaign Analysis dashboard helps you review all your marketing efforts, compare marketing campaigns and events to optimize budgets and get insights into how much you’ve spent on marketing to acquire a new visitor to your stores. It is a valuable metric to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Hardware and App Integration
There are different hardware solutions to count visitors. Fortunately, the V-Count Business Intelligence Platform can pull data from multiple sources into a single dashboard to get all the cloud features your business may need. The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform also allows you to integrate industry-leading software and apps like Shopify, PayPal, Slack, and Vend, enabling all your tools to work together and streamline your workflow.

Make Informed Leasing Decisions
People counting data can be employed for data-driven decision-making for retail real estate and property professionals. Retailers can share their traffic data with shopping mall owners and leasing managers to ensure that mutual traffic-driving activities are appropriately measured and improved over time.

Historical and current traffic-per-square-meter data can be used to identify high-performing zones within retail stores and shopping centers. This can be used to support leasing negotiations and understand how external factors, like public holidays, can affect consumer behavior and traffic trends. Based on historical visitor traffic trends and patterns, managers can be well informed when negotiating lease contracts, resulting in increased profitability.

Whether through optimizing operations or making better marketing decisions, people counters are an incredible source of data. Businesses should leverage these insights to fully understand how they operate and take actions that increase revenues.

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