7 Benefits of People Counting Technology for Casinos

The casino industry in the United States saw revenues in excess of $40 billion in 2017 alone. During the course of that year, as many as 39 million people visited Las Vegas, regarded as the casino capital of the world. In 2018, the number of total visitors to Las Vegas rose to 42.1 million, and most of them visited the city for the casinos.

With that many visitors, it is no surprise that casinos are leveraging the latest people counting and visitor analytics technologies to keep crowds under control, boost customer satisfaction, and improve their profit margins. If you are a casino manager, here are some ways people counting technology can benefit your business:


To measure daily foot traffic

People counting devices at entrances gives an accurate measure of how many people visit a casino daily. With this information, managers can decipher how well the business is performing, how much each user spends on average, and the resources needed to run the casino optimally.

People counters at the entrances of major sections in the casino—along with heatmap devices—also show visitor flow in the casino. It shows the manager how people move around the location and which walkways see the most footfall; entertainment hubs placed strategically along these paths can increase sales and profits.


To determine periods of high and low activity

Hourly data from people counters show how busy the casino was at different times of the day. When preparing for special events or promotions, this data tells the manager which time frames larger audiences can be reached?

The information can also be used to improve staff scheduling. During peak periods, the casino will need more security personnel, dealers, floor attendants, customer service reps, and food servers. To reduce labor costs, a skeleton crew may be maintained during periods of low activity.


To identify the busiest sections in the casino

Identifying the busiest sections of a casino is important because of how much revenue can be generated in these areas. With people counting and heatmap technology, managers can determine how many people visit each section and the average time they spend there.

When new products are being introduced, they can be placed in the busy sections, ensuring that they are exposed to the maximum number of visitors. These sections should also be home to the slots with the highest revenue potential, as well as enough cash machines to ensure that gamblers never run out.


For efficient crowd management

During peak periods, casinos are so busy, they are almost rowdy. When the gambling rooms and card tables start to get too crowded, visitors leave and move to the next casino. With queue management technology, managers are better able to maintain order, manage crowds better, and avoid losing prospective customers.

Monitoring visitor activity on the casino floors and rooms, the queue management system notifies the manager when wait lines are starting to form. Historical data from the system can also be analyzed to optimize operations and staff deployment for future busy days.


To measure the performance of outlets in the casino

Casinos often have secondary businesses in the same location, e.g. retail stores, gift shops, restaurants, lounges, etc. By comparing data from people counting devices, managers can determine which businesses are performing optimally and which ones are falling behind.

Additionally, visitor data from the casino can be shown to businesses, say, a jewelry chain, looking to open a store on casino grounds. This serves as evidence of footfall activity, showing the new business their potential customer base.


To benchmark performance against other casinos

Some casinos have secondary locations in the same district or in different states/countries. With people counting technology, owners easily benchmark their performances and see which one is underperforming for its location. If, for example, a casino in Palm Springs is outperforming its counterparts in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, the winning strategy may be replicated across the chain.


To measure the effectiveness of adverts and marketing initiatives

In the past, when new marketing initiatives and advert campaigns are launched, businesses can only measure their effectiveness by checking how much revenues increased. People counting technology, however, provides more information. Casino managers can now quantify the performance of new advertisements in terms of money spent. They can determine how many more people visited the casino per $ spent on marketing.

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