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The Importance of Real-Time Demographics for The Digital Signage Industry

November 23, 2022
Advertising is a powerful tool to draw attention to your brand or to a specific product you provide, but it used to be nearly impossible for a small to medium-sized business to find the right advertising space for promotions. However,...

Why You Should Use People Counting in Shopping Malls

November 17, 2022
Retail sales in shopping malls across the world are expected to grow according to Reuters, Economic Times, Trading Economics, and a number of other reliable research companies and data providers. The US retail sales saw significant growth recently and the...

Cloud vs. On-Premises: Why Cloud Is The Better Alternative For Your Business

November 12, 2022
There’s no reason to beat around the bush, the world is swiftly changing to cloud-based software solutions, and you are either a part of this change —unless you’re running a business that needs on-premises software explicitly— or considering switching as...

Ultima Prime – The Power of Zone Analytics

November 10, 2022
Most digital store owners are quite familiar with zone-based user tracking solutions. Google Analytics alone can provide valuable and actionable insights per user and per a number of demographics. However, there are digital tools that provide even more insight at...

The Importance of Group Counting Solution in Home Furnishing Industry

November 2, 2022
The home goods industry is one of the largest markets a country’s economy depends on and the industry continues to grow despite the rising inflation and economic recession. The Covid-19 pandemic changed things for the industry as people had to...

What to Look For When Buying People Counters?

October 21, 2022
A lot has been written about how effective people counting systems are in retail stores, malls, airports, event centers, libraries, and other locations where it’s important to measure visitors accurately. People counting devices can be used for more than just...

10 of the Best Grand Opening Ideas for Retail Stores

October 13, 2022
A grand opening is great for bringing attention to your new retail store. However, the said retail grand opening not only gives you excitement but also makes you feel anxious if not successful. So how do you make sure your...

How Can Traffic Counters Improve a Gym’s Financial Performance?

October 7, 2022
Exercising and working out aren’t only beneficial for physical fitness, but also for mental health. While some people have what’s necessary at home to work out regularly and stay fit, most who want to stay healthy and in good shape...

8 Effective Ways to Increase Profit Margins in Retail

October 5, 2022
Making a profit is the ultimate goal of any business, and retail businesses are no different. In order to stay in business and keep your doors open, you need to find ways to increase those profit margins. However, running a...

How Can Traffic Counters Help Museums Get Funding and Grants?

September 28, 2022
What is a museum? The definition of a museum used to be simpler. The word museum referred to a physical space (usually a building or a building complex) that showcased a collection of art pieces, artifacts, or other types of...
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