How to Implement Washroom Social Distancing with Occupancy Solutions

November 12, 2020

Monitoring the number of people on your premises has never been more crucial. Occupancy data is not just critical for understanding how your building is utilized; it also plays a significant role in protecting the health and safety of your customers and staff.

With social distancing now becoming a must for every business, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s followed in all areas of your facilities, including washrooms. Monitoring the usage of your WCs can enable social distancing, prevent overcrowding, and optimize hygiene and facility management throughout your premises, which in turn reduces any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. With our VCare real-time occupancy solution, you can tackle any challenges that may arise when managing occupancy limits in your restrooms. Here’s how:

Real-time Occupancy & Social Distancing
Many public and commercial buildings lack a dedicated space for big enough toilets. This makes it crucial to have a clear understanding of the occupancy numbers before overcrowding occurs and causes a problem. The best way to let employees and visitors know whether a washroom is fully occupied is to use the VCare occupancy solution. With our state-of-the-art Ultima AI people counting sensors, VCare counts the number of people as they enter and exit the area in real-time and delivers an unmatched accuracy of up to 99.9% in occupancy measurement.

Simply guessing occupancy capacity numbers in washrooms can negatively affect people since they may unknowingly enter a crowded space. However, with VCare, you can display safety messages and recommendations on screens outside the restrooms to alert visitors about the occupancy numbers and safety status of your restrooms, preventing overcrowding and dangerous contact.

GDPR Anonymous Counting
Privacy is always a big concern for your businesses and the customers visiting your building facilities.

VCare uses our next-generation Ultima AI people counter sensor to track occupancy. The sensor uses 3D active stereo vision technology to count people anonymously. It is fully compliant with GDPR, so privacy is assured, and no faces or personal data are recorded. This means that both customers and staff visiting your washrooms can ensure that their safety is a priority without compromising their privacy.

Facility Management & Hygiene
Creating an organized and clean environment for all occupants falls at the very center of any social distancing and occupancy initiative and is an absolute necessity for restrooms. A clean WC can make or break your business reputation; it can either encourage more visitors or discourage your customers and staff from using your facilities if they don’t feel that an adequate hygiene standard is maintained. Our occupancy sensors can provide an added benefit for your operations team and cleaning staff. By allowing them to monitor the usage of different areas, they can provide more frequent cleaning and sanitization once a threshold has been reached, ensuring that your toilets are always disinfected and that supplies like soap and toilet paper never run out.

With V-Count’s people counting sensors, you can restore your staff members’ and visitors’ trust by adapting to their changing needs and reassuring them that they are in a safe environment where their safety is prioritized.

This approach to cleaning will enable your facilities to keep toilets clean at all times. By investing in social distancing and occupancy solutions for all spaces throughout your building, you are positioning your business for a healthier and safer future, where further COVID-19 restrictions have minimal impact on your organization due to the high level of compliance you have been able to maintain.

Monitoring your visitor numbers in just the high traffic areas of your building will not be enough if you wish to contribute to limiting the spread and enabling the health benefits of social distancing. This is why including washrooms in your strategy will make all the difference and keep your spaces from becoming a virus hotspot and ensure that your business operations can continue without disruption.