People Counters: The Casino Business

April 25, 2017

Due to economical challenges, casinos and the gaming industry worldwide have been seeing a slump in performance and revenue during recent years. In order to counteract this phenomenon, casinos need to increase internal effectivity to manage sustainable growth. Understanding the footfall of consumers through various time frames is one aspect of improvement, but leveraging granular retail data through people counting is crucial to identify what the opportunities are to success.

People counting technology support casinos to measure, define and optimize traffic across various touch points in different locations. People counters also are a necessity which allows managers to gain consumer knowledge, benchmark, oversee performance and efficiently leverage resources.


Identifying points of interest

People counters empower management to understand the overall footfall of consumers entering the casino. This information is simultaneously beneficial for macro reporting to investors, stakeholders and press releases when depicting performance.

People counting technology depict patterns within consumer pathways through sectional footfall. The data will present the number of consumers who are passing through the blackjack, poker and slot machine areas. Casinos can rely on this information and optimize each area depending on the consumer’s pathways.

People counters can track consumers and employees through designated time frames. This data provides casinos the support on layout design as well staff coordination to allocate resources effectively. Ultimately providing the best quality service when and where the consumer seeks it most.


Resource management

There is always accumulated expense associated with running any business. People counters assist management to optimize spending with a realistic return on investment.

With retail insight generated from people counting technology, management can coordinate staffing during the down time and vice versa. When poorly designated, staffing costs can be high as employees are not well allocated in the areas they are needed the most. People counters counteract this by identifying busy areas within peak times.

Cheating and theft are generally great concerns within any casino. People counting technology can point out the areas where personnel are needed to prevent security breaches.

With the adoption of traffic counters, casino management can spot areas which may require expansion as well as places that may need square footage reduction. Ultimately cutting wasting spending and investing resources in the right time and place.


Performance assessment

Casinos today must provide the entire consumer experience rather than simply gambling. People counters assist management to effectively coordinate and manage every perspective of the business.

People counters identifies the opportunities within the casino as well as areas that may need some marketing boost. Empowered with this evidence, casinos can focus on how to sustain and operate on a highly effective basis.

People counting deep dives the consumers who are not simply visiting the casino for gambling purposes. It identifies the consumer segment who wishes to spend time at the pool bar, watch a performance or simply relax at a spa. When sales data is compared with people counting intelligence, it enables casino management to understand how sales compare within different places and where else the consumer spends their time, money.



Many casinos today operate in a chained business model. People counting technology provides management and decision makers the opportunity to benchmark performances within different locations based on retail traffic.

People counting technology offers the insight on high performing casinos. This provides decision makers with a new perspective on analyzing profit. Through comparison backed by data from people counters, casinos have the luxury to benchmark various factors within different locations and prepare for a long term success.