V-Count 3G: World’s First Plug and Play People Counter

July 1, 2016

Even though the people counting business is at its optimum and functioning with the most advanced intelligent video analytical technologies around, it continues to face problems when it comes to keeping counting systems up. And funnily enough, the most common reason for such malfunctions derive from rookie human errors like disconnecting a cable.

So even though the business is thriving with high-end technologies, it has not been able to get in front of staff members mistakenly unplugging the cables and the wire letting it down. Sounds tragic right?

Alas, the big intervention has arrived…

V-Count has developed the first 3G, GSM Ready People Counting Device that will put an end to all cabling issues and more. How?

With its built in 3G module, it will securely transfer all visitor counting data through the local GSM operators. So it will eliminate any need to run network cables through location and get rid of the bad cabling problems once and for all. It will also eliminate all other local network configuration issues dealt on a daily basis such as the disruption of internet due to Firewall or Wi-Fi password changes, or problems related to the malfunction of Wi-Fi routers and ISP.

Plus, on the contrary to what most people would assume, transferring the data will only require an average of 1.4 MB data monthly, so the cost that will paid to GSM operators will be less than that to connect to local Ethernet.

That’s not all.

Being GSM ready, the V-Count 3G is the first “Plug & Play” people counting device in the World, meaning you only need to plug it into the power cable for it to start counting. This way, it can be set up by everyone, everywhere, with no hassle.

Connecting through local GSM operators will also enable people counting devices to work in even the most remote parts of the World with limited or no internet connection whatsoever. So it will help bring the market as a whole, to a more readily available status. Not to mention the fact that people counting accuracy rates will no longer be dependent on the quality of the local network on site, rather the counting devices itself…

With V-Count 3G, we know that from now on our people counting data will be transferred through the most secure networks available, thus we will be able to guarantee that you visitor data will be counted, transferred and stored in the best possible manner and that your system will have maximum uptime at all times. We are also excited to have created a new platform in which we will become business partners with all the mega GSM industries and expand our network functions.

At this point, we would say the possibilities are endless…