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V-Count’s Campaign Manager: Track and Maximize Your Marketing Initiatives

Consider this: 3 brands offer products of similar quality, all their stores are well-managed, and there is a high level of customer service delivery across-the-board. What separates brand A from brands B and C? Easy, it’s marketing. Marketing is one…

How Staff Optimization Improves Sales and Customer Satisfaction

For retail stores, labor costs—i.e., employee salaries and benefits—typically eat up a sizable chunk of annual profits. This further emphasizes how important it is for managers to make the most of the staff they have on payroll. When workers and…

Retail Management Software: Giving Retailers What They Need

Some years ago, a survey was conducted at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Managers of brick-and-mortar retail stores were asked which parts of their store operations they wished they could improve. Their answers ranged from being able to predict…

Increase Sales by Optimizing Staff Scheduling

Given the highly competitive nature of retail, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses in the sector to optimize their operations. The biggest names in the sector are already using traffic data to improve their operations; from marketing and advertisements…

The Business Intelligence Platform: The Features It Provides and Their Advantages

February 5, 2019

Every sector in the world economy is being revolutionized by modern technology and retail is no exception. As a matter of fact, recent industry trends indicate that brick-and-mortar businesses stand to benefit significantly from new technologies (e.g. visitor analytics, heatmap,…

The Many Benefits of the Business Intelligence Platform

January 8, 2019

People counting devices help businesses estimate the number of customers that visit their physical stores or offices every day. Heatmap technology shows them how visitors move about in the space; the sections people visit the most, the products they interact…


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