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How Technology Transformed the Vendor/Customer Relationship

In the past, the relationship between vendors and their customers was formed through personal interaction. The more time the customers spent in the store, the more the vendor understood their shopping preferences and behaviors. After some time, vendors could predict…

Customer Counting: How To Analyze Retail Store Traffic

Retail stores receive millions of visitors every year. The primary objective of a store is to attract visitors and make sales. However, this constant stream of traffic can be leveraged to create an alternate source of value for retailers. You…

V-Count 3G: World’s First Plug and Play People Counter

Even though the people counting business is at its optimum and functioning with the most advanced intelligent video analytical technologies around, it continues to face problems when it comes to keeping counting systems up. And funnily enough, the most common…

Why separately counting your staff is vital and how to get your real conversion ratio?

December 11, 2015

The necessary steps that should be taken by retailers to drive more sales are well known. First you start with alluring more and more people in to your stores. Then you convert these visitors into customers. Finally you convince them…

How Can You Increase Conversion Rate By Knowing Your Magical Staff/ Customer Ratio?

December 2, 2015

Retailers use different strategies to attract visitors into their stores and increase traffic. They also deploy a lot of sales tactics to reach the sales volumes they target. However, the sales volume and the traffic itself are not sufficient to…


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