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Improve Retail Performance with Analytical Cloud Data | Retail analytics

August 23, 2016

Salesfloor has always been one of the key indicators of retail success and it stayed the same over the years.  Some stores might have higher traffic numbers, but when these figures are analyzed, it is found out that the conversion…

The Logic Behind Using People Counting Systems for Your Business

Do you understand what affects your retail business’ traffic? Sometimes you need to look deeper than the sales figures to see what is driving your traffic into and out of your stores. A people counting system can help you understand…

Understand How Wi-Fi Tracking Technology Created Retail Analytics 2.0.

What would you think when someone mentions “retail analytics”? It is crystal clear that this is not just about counting the number of people going in and out of the stores, but rather analyzing some specific metrics and customer behaviour…

Return On Retail Marketing Investment

January 20, 2016

Marketing effectiveness should be measured both in online and offline platforms. Today, a majority of consumers use different channels to be more informed about the products they want or need. This cross-checking process is invaluable for the modern consumer. They…

V-Count: A New Dimension in Retail Technologies | Retail analytics solution

October 5, 2015

From placing a single, horizontal infrared beam across store entrances, to thermal counting systems, people counting solutions has come a long way since its launch. In parallel to retailers needs, the industry has grown fast, and it has grown big….


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