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People Counter And Employee Performance Management

The retail business has always been one of the most dynamic and fast moving sectors. Because of the industry’s high turnover rates, retail managers are constantly faced with human resource decisions on hiring, transfers and placement of retail staff. In…


6 Game Changing Rules That Defines The Future Of Retail


 The retail market has always been defined as one of the most dynamic industries. This fast paced environment is going through a perspective change driven by digitalization which has altered how the consumers react with brands. Innovations such as people…


V-Count Attends Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 In London


V-Count will attend and exhibit its whole solutions portfolio at the biggest annual event for retail and hospitality in Europe, Retail Business Technology Expo 2017, between the dates of May 7 and 8.   RBTE is a must visit event…


Steve Ligeti is Appointed New Chief Sales Officer of V-Count


Industry mogul, Steve Ligeti, leaves CountWise to become V-Count’s Chief Sales Officer and Managing Partner MIAMI, FL – Recently, V-Count, a global people counting technology company, announced the hire of Steve Ligeti as its Chief Sales Officer and Managing Partner….


How People Counter Devices Benefit Fitting Room Experience for Retailers


Did you know those tiny rooms in the back of the stores are actually the key areas of the purchasing process?   As a store manager, when you analyze your store’s and fitting rooms’ traffic, it seems to be pretty…


Why Retailers Should Use A People Counter to Benefit Their Businesses


Why Retailers Should Use A People Counter to Benefit Their Businesses Have you ever wondered how many potential shoppers do you get on a daily basis in your stores? And even better, have you every thought how many of them…


V-Count Introduces their New 3D People Counting Device


V-Count is introducing their new 3D people counter that has up to 98 percent counting accuracy. This new technology can calculate depth, and therefore can differentiate between adults and children as they pass under the counter. Not only that, this…


V-Count 3G: World’s First Plug and Play People Counte


  Even though the people counting business is at its optimum and functioning with the most advanced intelligent video analytical technologies around, it continues to face problems when it comes to keeping counting systems up. And funnily enough, the most common…


Top 5 Industries People Counting Will Transform


Retail There is no denying that shopping online has its benefits and it is getting bigger regularly. Gathering information to compare your options and having your order delivered to your home by a few clicks while sitting on your chair…


4 Benefits Of Wifi Tracking That Complements People Counting


People Counting has become much more than a luxury for retailers and shopping malls. Nowadays it is a necessity that should be integrated into the whole strategy of these businesses to boost traffic, conversion rate & average basket size. Achieving…

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