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How Technology Transformed the Vendor/Customer Relationship

In the past, the relationship between vendors and their customers was formed through personal interaction. The more time the customers spent in the store, the more the vendor understood their shopping preferences and behaviors. After some time, vendors could predict…

Customer Journey Analytics: 5 Steps Retailers Can Take to Optimize Customers’ Journey

November 28, 2019

Customer journey analytics refers to the metrics that track customers’ buying process (or journey) in a retail store. From the moment before a potential customer enters a retail location to the moment they walk out of it, they interact with…

New Technology Alert: Visitor Flow Analysis is Here!

September 17, 2018

  We have a new tool to help our customers deep dive into their visitors’ behavior. Here are some benefits of Visitor Flow: Better Visualization You can clearly see the exact patterns of your visitors’ in-store behaviour with simple visualization…


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