The Benefits of People Counting Technology to Retail Stores and Shopping Malls

March 28, 2019

With the growing popularity of e-commerce stores and online shopping, many predicted that brick and mortar retail stores were on the brink of irrelevance. They were wrong. In 2018, retail stores in the United States made a record $6 trillion…

The Best Technologies to Track Customer Behavior in Retail

March 22, 2019

In the past, businesses had a difficult time predicting what their customers would like. Decisions like which products to list and which store layout customers found most convenient were made through a combination of trial and error and constantly asking…

Increase Sales by Optimizing Staff Scheduling

Given the highly competitive nature of retail, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses in the sector to optimize their operations. The biggest names in the sector are already using traffic data to improve their operations; from marketing and advertisements…

V-Count Expands Global Presence With A New Office In Hong Kong​

February 26, 2019

V-Count is pleased to announce the opening of a new office based in the technology and media hub of Hong Kong. The move builds on the organisation’s growing global market presence in four continents, with capabilities called upon in some…

V-Count Business Intelligence Platform Is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace! ​

February 26, 2019

 V-Count is excited to announce the availability of its Business Intelligence Platform on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to our Retail Analytics software, and V-Count’s customers can now take advantage of the scalability, reliability, agility…

How Retailers Stand to Benefit from Using Artificial Intelligence

February 18, 2019

Artificial intelligence systems have the ability to analyze & interpret external data, learn from the interpreted data, and use the knowledge to complete automated tasks. AI algorithms are also very adaptable and they continually use data to improve their operations….

The Business Intelligence Platform: The Features It Provides and Their Advantages

February 5, 2019

Every sector in the world economy is being revolutionized by modern technology and retail is no exception. As a matter of fact, recent industry trends indicate that brick-and-mortar businesses stand to benefit significantly from new technologies (e.g. visitor analytics, heatmap,…

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Conversion Rates

January 31, 2019

All big businesses know that getting people to visit your store is only the first step in the selling process. The most difficult part is converting these visitors into customers; not just one-time customers, but regulars. Statistics have shown that…

The largest Manufacturer of Home Appliances in Europe Chose V-Count

January 15, 2019

After a long and thorough process of evaluation, in retail analytics space, BSH decided to move forward with V-Count solutions. Our cutting edge technology, innovation, unbeatable capabilities/features, response time and dedication were the main break point for BSH decision in…

The Many Benefits of the Business Intelligence Platform

January 8, 2019

People counting devices help businesses estimate the number of customers that visit their physical stores or offices every day. Heatmap technology shows them how visitors move about in the space; the sections people visit the most, the products they interact…


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