V-Count 3G: World’s First Plug and Play People Counte


  Even though the people counting business is at its optimum and functioning with the most advanced intelligent video analytical technologies around, it continues to face problems when it comes to keeping counting systems up. And funnily enough, the most common…


Top 5 Industries People Counting Will Transform


Retail There is no denying that shopping online has its benefits and it is getting bigger regularly. Gathering information to compare your options and having your order delivered to your home by a few clicks while sitting on your chair…


4 Benefits Of Wifi Tracking That Complements People Counting


People Counting has become much more than a luxury for retailers and shopping malls. Nowadays it is a necessity that should be integrated into the whole strategy of these businesses to boost traffic, conversion rate & average basket size. Achieving…


Understand How Wi-Fi Tracking Technology Created Retail Analytics 2.0.

  What would you think when someone mentions “retail analytics”? It is crystal clear that, this is not just about counting the number of people going in and out of the stores, but rather analyzing some specific metrics and customer…


Return On Retail Marketing Investment


Marketing effectiveness should be measured both in online and offline platforms. Today, a majority of consumers use different channels to be more informed about the products they want or need. This cross-checking process is invaluable for the modern consumer. They…


Beyond People Counting: Metrics That Most Retailers Overlook


Today companies that truly focus on gathering as much relevant data as they can, are head and shoulders above their competitors that still do not. Tech savvy retail managers who understand the value of having a broader sense of customer…


Why It Is Important To Have A 3D Stereo People Counter And Why They Are State Of The Art?


People Counting has come a long way since its early integration to the business. Managers have been looking more and more data to draw conclusions about their visitors. There are a lot of components that have to come together for…


How Airports Can Benefit From People Counting?


A lot has changed since the early days of aviation. A way of travelling once that seemed so terrifying became the most convenient medium. That is what air travel is all about, convenience. In today’s world people are less patient…


Why separately counting your staff is vital and how to get your real conversion ratio?


  The necessary steps that should be taken by retailers to drive more sales are well known. First you start with alluring more and more people in to your stores. Then you convert these visitors into customers. Finally you convince…


How Can You Increase Conversion Rate By Knowing Your Magical Staff/ Customer Ratio?


Retailers use different strategies to attract visitors in to their stores and increase traffic. They also deploy a lot of sales tactics to reach the sales volumes they target. However, the sales volume and the traffic itself are not sufficient…

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