How Customer Counting Systems Help Retailers

August 27, 2019

As more retail stores are turning to tech-based tools to improve their operations, it is important to ask some questions. How does it all come together? How do digital door counters go from measuring traffic to impacting sales? Customer counting…

Behavior Analytics: Comprehensive Technologies to Track Customer Behavior

When someone visits a retail store, there is a 20 to 30% chance that they are going to make a purchase. If your store has the items they want, the chances improve a little. If the store layout is simple…

V-Count’s Campaign Manager: Track and Maximize Your Marketing Initiatives

Consider this: 3 brands offer products of similar quality, all their stores are well-managed, and there is a high level of customer service delivery across-the-board. What separates brand A from brands B and C? Easy, it’s marketing. Marketing is one…

How Staff Optimization Improves Sales and Customer Satisfaction

For retail stores, labor costs—i.e., employee salaries and benefits—typically eat up a sizable chunk of annual profits. This further emphasizes how important it is for managers to make the most of the staff they have on payroll. When workers and…

Conversion Rate Optimization: Mitigating the Effect of Reduced Traffic on Retail Stores

Fewer people are visiting brick-and-mortar stores as the e-commerce revolution rages on. People are finding it easier to shop from their homes and this trend has an adverse effect on retail stores’ visitor count. In response to reduced store traffic,…

5 Ways People Counting Technologies Can Transform Hotel Management

June 21, 2019

To stay competitive, an increasing number of businesses are starting to adopt digital tools and new technologies. In sectors like the hospitality industry, where success is measured by the number of people that come through the doors, people counting solutions…

7 Benefits of People Counting Technology for Casinos

June 12, 2019

The casino industry in the United States saw revenues in excess of $40 billion in 2017 alone. During the course of that year, as many as 39 million people visited Las Vegas, regarded as the casino capital of the world….

Retail Management Software: Giving Retailers What They Need

Some years ago, a survey was conducted at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Managers of brick-and-mortar retail stores were asked which parts of their store operations they wished they could improve. Their answers ranged from being able to predict…

Learn More About the World’s Leading Retail Analytics Software Company

May 1, 2019

For a few years after the emergence of e-commerce stores, brick-and-mortar retailers struggled to keep up with the changing landscape. They were losing millions of customers to these online stores and they could not keep up. Some of the biggest…

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a People Counting System

April 11, 2019

Much has been said about how effective people counting systems are to retail stores, shopping malls, airports, event centers, libraries, and other physical locations where it’s important to measure the number of visitors accurately. In addition to their primary purpose—counting…


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