Essential Questions To Ask When Getting A People Counting System

Essential Questions To Ask When Getting A People Counting System

What takes a business ahead of its competitors is the loyalty of its customers and happiness it brings to them. Taking preliminary acts to develop their marketing strategies in order to ensure this is of great importance. Brick and mortar stores that are dealing with physical space are dynamic environments with ever-changing visitor behavior. That’s why it is vital for businesses to know the exact number of visitors, how many of those visitors turn into actual buyers, where these visitors tend to spend more time in the given environment and the optimal number of staff in order to sustain visitor satisfaction.

However, sometimes it could be confusing to adapt a new technology without understanding the benefits it will potentially bring in the long run. Here are the essential questions to ask when getting a people counting system as well as the benefits this technology sustains for businesses:


How Does People Counting System Work?

There are many different people counting tools to choose from. However, when adapting a ground breaking technology, it is essential to make sure you get the one that is up-to-date and accurate. The latest V-Count Alpha+, for example, is a device that is rigged with the highest technology available in the people counting market: Stereo Vision Technology. Stereo vision technology extracts the information gathered by the unit’s bi-directional lens, comparing this data about a scene it has captured from two points, extracting this information by examining the relative positions of objects in the bi-directional feature and then turning it into a 3D information. Thanks to the bi-directional feature, this small, box-like device is able to count entering and exiting visitors at the same time, as well as, subtracting exiting from entering count. By this way, the mostly occupied areas in a physical space along with peak hours for visitor traffic can be calculated. V-Count 3D Alpha+ has also embedded Wi-Fi technology, which provides Wi-Fi tracking data including draw-in rate.


How Can People Counting Systems Create A Better Experience For Visitors?

Unless your people counting system has a magic wand, it won’t be single handedly able to create a better experience for your visitors. However, with the data you can obtain from this system, you can create your own magic just by analyzing the information it provides. With a high-quality People Counting System, business leaders would be analyzing the number of people and the flow through a physical space, where exactly crowds tend to spend more time and how much time they spend there. Consequently, more precise decisions upon staff allocations could be made by the business leaders during peak hours. This will result in increasing the customer satisfaction while making the operations of the business much more efficient and smooth.


How Can My Business Benefit From People Counting System?

For any kind of industry dealing with customers in a physical space, it is of great importance to calculate the exact number of visitors and how many of these visitors turn into buyers. With the help of People Counting Technology, businesses will be able to track how many of their visitors have made an actual purchase, or the opposite, how many of the potential customers they have lost. By analyzing the reasons behind this loss, it is possible for businesses to take precautions to eliminate loss and increase profitability. People Counting Systems are refined tools that are able to collect this metric data. This data helps the business leaders understand which parts of the store are more attractive and how traffic changes in accordance with time and day, helping executives plan events, sales and campaigns ahead. As a result, businesses will be able to obtain a higher return while the costs are being optimized.

In short, data collected from People Counting Systems facilitate business leaders and managers to be more precise when evaluating the performance of the staff and using workforce in an efficient manner. Optimizing the staff allocation with accordance to the number of visitors allow businesses to cut costs as they increase the level of customer satisfaction. In addition, businesses working with People Counting Technology and business intelligence systems would be able to optimize their traffic and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profits with the help of the data this technology provides.

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