Gender Recognition

Know the female-male ratio of your visitors to contribute to a positive shopping experience!

With V-Count new gender recognition technology, you can find out exactly how many of your visitors are female and how many are male. Knowing the gender profile of your potential and existing customers is as important as knowing their number. This data allows you to enhance their engagement level by offering them the right products and keeping your stocks up-to-date according to the needs of your fragmented customer base. This will lead to a more personalized and convenient experience for shoppers.

Benefits of Gender Recognition:

people counting

Customer Segmentation

With V-Count’s new stereo vision technology, have a better understanding of your customer profile by knowing how many female/male visitors you get.

Marketing Campaigns

Plan your marketing campaigns according to your customers’ gender to target the right segment.

People Counting
People Counting

Stock Allocation & In-store Design

Keep your stocks up-to-date at all times and improve your in-store design to meet the needs of your segmented customer base.