V-Count 2D+

The V-Count 2D+ is a single lens smart device. It provides accurate and real-time traffic measurements at your stores or institutions. It can calculate the number of people entering and exiting your stores, and also the number of people queuing within your locations.

V-Count 2D+ also has a clock memory feature embedded within the device. This means the device can keep track of the time, even when disconnected to its network. And once the network connection is recovered, it can sync all the people counting data into the right time slots, keeping your data safe and reliable.

V-Count 2D+ can work in conditions with up to 10m heights, and you do not require any special knowledge for physical installation as it is very easy to set up with its unobtrusive, overhead mounting format. We also have an online health-check service that monitors each device 24/7 and notifies you in case a problem occurs.


V-Count 2D+ Device Specifications

Device Dimensions H:137mm, W:100 D:38 mm Rectangular Cover
Packing Dimensions 250x167x82mm (WxDxH)
Device Weight 220g
Package Weight 1186g
Lens Options Min. Height 2.5 meters, Max. Height 10 meters
POE IEEE802.3af (48 V DC)
Interface HTTP / HTTPS
Operating System Linux Based V-Count OS
Time NTP, Adjustable Timezone, Automatic Daylight Saving Adjustments
Ethernet Connection Yes
Data Storage 20 Years offline storage with auto synchronization
User Levels 3 Levels: Admin, Standard, Guest User
Cabling Cat5 – Cat6
Operating Environmental Specs Temperature: 10°C to 35°C, Humidity: 10% to 90%
Storage Environmental Specs Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, Humidity: 10% to 95%
Accuracy 95%+
Download 2D+ Brochure
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