Push Notification

Send personalized messages, relevant offers and nurture your top users with mobile and in-store push notifications!

It is now perfectly known that every customer has different needs and motives. With V-Count Push Notification solutions, by targeting the right product-customer fit, you can take advantage of location-based aspect of mobile to send relevant, contextual messages that drive customers to conversion. You may increase your retention rate by rewarding your most dedicated users and build their enthusiasm for your brand and re-engaging customers who have dropped off with incentives.

Benefits of Push Notification:

People Counting

Customer-Product Fit

Draw an increasing number of customers into your stores by offering them the right product for their needs

In-store Push Notification

Inform your customers with mobile and in-store push notifications about special offers, encourage them to buy more products, and increase your average basket size

people counting
People Counter

Sales Volume & Conversion Rate

Boost your sales volume and conversion rate by meeting your customers’ demands at all times.