Queue Management Systems – The Essential Customer Satisfaction Tool

What is Queue Management?

In short, Queue counting technology offers the analysis to improve visitor flow in order to reduce wait times. Queue management is not simply organizing a line and request visitors to stay, actions such as these will likely draw to a negative experience for the shopper. Modern-day queue management can take forms such as boundaries, on-screen scheduling, expedited check-outs or even taking a number in advance. When managed accurately, it results in the reduction of handle time and increases the satisfaction quotient for the shopper.


The Essential Benefits:

  1. Empathy

Waiting in queues for check out is one of the most negative aspects of shopping at a physical store. For instance, after queueing for more than five minutes, a customer’s perceived wait time is two times more than the actual wait time. When customers see that queue management actions are taken to prevent this, they tend to feel that retailers are considerate and have a clear customer oriented approach.

  1. Impact on Aesthetics

Generally speaking, a long and unorganized queue is a signal for inefficient store management. Not to mention it blocks sections of stores that may be aesthetically appealing or have key products and displays. By organizing and directing the flow of traffic, retailers give visitors a good impression that the store is organized, efficient and well managed.

  1. Customer Retention

When left impatient while waiting in long queues, 80-90% of consumers switch to a competitor. On this accountability alone, queue management enables retailers to cut potential loss and retain a happy customer. Also, with queue counters, retail management software can staff employees on high traffic hours and project associated costs based on visitor/queue data.


The Solution

From product selection to check out, every consumer’s interaction should be a seamless procedure. Consumers demand that their shopping experience be fast, easy and their queries resolved in a timely manner. The queue counting technology can accurately calculate the number of customers at the checkout queues as well as the average time they spent on them. Identifying these key metrics is critical for retailers who seek to efficiently allocate their personnel and prevent any potential customer losses caused by long queues.

With queue counters, retailers save customers time and improve in-store efficiency which directly reduces customer complaints. It offers transparency by informing visitors of their anticipated wait time and sets realistic expectations.

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