Street Counting

Track the potential, actual and repeating visitors, and increase capture rate and engagement!

Potential visitors that pass by your stores is an opportunity waiting to be explored. V-Count can track how your marketing campaigns affect your visitor traffic, and help you analyze whether passers by are converted into paying customers. Knowing your street-to-store conversion rate will enable you to optimize display designs, to maximize visitor traffic into the stores, to increase engagement with your customers and eventually enjoy higher sales due to a larger number of loyal shoppers.

Benefits of Street Counting:

People CountingStreet Counting

Know how many visitors pass by your stores to find out your potential.

people countingDraw-in Rate

Count how many passers by enter your store and figure out your street-to-store conversion rate.

People CountingEffective Marketing

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and window displays.

Maximize the time spent in your stores to boost your sales and turn your first-time visitors into repeating customers.

Getting your customers through the doors is sometimes a feat in itself but by giving your visitors a fantastic shopping experience, you can encourage them to spend additional time in your store. Extending your customers visit inside your store will enable you uplift your sales and average basket size.

It is important to seek to exceed customer expectations to turn your customers into loyal brand advocates. By minimizing attrition rate, you can successfully grow your business and sustain it over the long run. Loyalty programs will help you nourish positive engagements.