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Why Building An Omnichannel Retail Strategy Is Essential For Your Brand

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed retail in a way that has brought to light just how important having an omnichannel strategy is for a retail business. Retail businesses, in particular, should consider raising their awareness of the changes to consumer…

How to Measure Your Omnichannel ROI

September 17, 2018

Purchasing is a complex process and there are so many different factors to change the equations of buying decisions such as age, gender, location and even mood. Customers are looking for easier and more enjoyable shopping experiences no matter the…

Online to Offline Conversions and How to Track Them

People spend up to 5 hours on their connected devices every day and many of their decisions are based on their time spent online. Yet, these decisions not only have consequences offline, but they are also carried over to the…

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