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The Cost of Long Queues: 3 Reasons to Use a Queue Management Solution for Brick & Mortars

July 9, 2021
There’s no arguing that queues suck. Nobody likes to wait in line, and there’s something that’s rarely discussed about queues — their huge cost. In this article, we attempt to put a monetary value on queues and find out how long...

3 Ways Retailers Are Embracing Change in 2021

The resilience of retail in the face of challenges has been a remarkable success story in 2020. Retailers have shown the strength and adaptability to respond to customers’ changing needs. The pandemic has forced new ways of doing business, from…

Social Distancing in Time for Christmas Demand – Can Technology Help?

As non-essential shops ease on lockdowns and reopen in time for the festive season, social distancing and long queues may cause issues for retailers. With V-Count’s people counting solutions and advanced technologies, retailers can gear up for the imminent Christmas…

Happy New Year!

December 29, 2017

V-Count has celebrated the arrival of 2018 with special kids this week. We have collaborated with Lions Turkey to see the children smiling. Our team has visited 20 patients of Pediatric Oncology unit in Dr. Sami Ulus Hospital and 104…

How Airports Can Benefit From People Counting?

December 18, 2015

A lot has changed since the early days of aviation. A way of travelling once that seemed so terrifying became the most convenient medium. That is what air travel is all about, convenience. In today’s world, people are less patient…

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