The Logic Behind Using People Counting Systems for Your Business

Do you understand what affects your retail business’ traffic?

Sometimes you need to look deeper than the sales figures to see what is driving your traffic into and out of your stores. A people counting system can help you understand the trends of the traffic volume and organize the store operations according to these trends to increase profits.

Once you receive the people counting system’s data and analyze it, you will see there are a few major factors why this system is a must for your retail business’ success.


The Location Factor – Inside and Outside Environment

Once you receive the traffic data through your embedded people counting systems, you can determine how your inside and outside traffic is affected by your window displays, in-store activities and other marketing campaigns. You can also evaluate the outside environment, to see if there is any competition from a similar retail store or any construction activity on the walkway to the store that affects the traffic count.



The Attraction Factor – Inside and Outside Traffic

You can use different themes and looks within your retail store, change product placements and use other merchandising activities along with promotions to draw traffic into your stores. With a people counting system, you will be able to measure the total traffic and conversion rate and how these were affected with various means of attractions. You can confirm the success of your campaigns either zone-by-zone or the store as a whole to get a snapshot of what you need to do to improve the total traffic.


The Dwell Time Factor – Time Spent Inside the Store

Do you know how long your customers stay in your store and what paths do they follow until they purchase what they want?

You can see exactly where your customers are moving inside your stores and how much time they spend within each area through a people counting system’s analytical data. It is vital for you to keep your customers in your stores to boost your average basket size and revenue by using in-store attractions.

Overall, the main logic behind using human counting, people counting system is to analyze what is going on inside & outside of your stores, hence how these environments and attractions affect your total traffic. Once you analyze the data, you can make your business decisions more effectively according to the factual results you receive through the system.

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