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Heat MapIt has been some time since companies understood that customer is the most important aspect of all businesses and product is not. Obviously, marketing starts with the product. However, the journey of a product is a long one and the end-to-end customer experience determines the fate of that product.

People Counting is an invaluable solution to analyze traffic, conversion rate and average basket size. It is the first step of understanding the customer. The next step is analyzing what is going on once they enter your store. Those, who are willing to go the extra mile and increase the sales by thoroughly knowing their clients should dig deeper.

Retail sector differs from other sectors when it comes to the thought process before buying. The fate of a product is determined in a shorter period of time in retail stores. You have probably heard the saying that goes “People don’t know what they want until they see it”. This is true and two-thirds of the retail shopping is impulsive yet that does not necessarily mean these impulse buying are not based on pre-established ideas. You have to start looking closer to see what is underneath the impulse.

Heatmap gives you these details about your customers and guides you to optimize your retail marketing activities and boosts your sales.
If you still don’t know the answers to questions below you are simply missing a lot of opportunities.

Do you know the most and the least occupied zones in your stores?
Does the attraction these zones receive translate to sales?
Do your visitors spend enough time in your store to become customers?

Track the path your customers follow and modify your product placement, lighting, store layout to create the ideal path. Direct your customers throughout your store to achieve the best experience and higher sales.

Discover the hot zones within your store to understand your best selling items. By gathering meaningful data about dwell time, you can get detailed information about how attractive your new product line is and which products are sold effectively when placed in different zones.

Evaluate the interaction level of your customers with each zone to make active decisions about your product placements, lighting and positioning of shelves and mannequins

With the help of Heatmap Analysis and you will increase sales by improving the aspects that lead people to buy. Simply put, Heatmap Analytics will help you turn shoppers into buyers!


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