V-Count Launches New Live Occupancy Solution in Response to Pandemic Outbreak

Istanbul, Turkey, April 2020- V-Count, the leading company in the field of people counting and user analytics launches VCARE, a first-class live occupancy solution to help businesses and their customers comply with government social distancing restrictions on COVID-19.

VCARE is a real-time occupancy monitoring solution that can help businesses ensure that customers and staff remain safe. V-Count’s live occupancy sensors can accurately measure people’s flow, which makes it easy to manage and monitor the distance between individuals at any given location inside and outside the stores.

About V-Count
V-Count is a global 360-degree visitor analytics suite for physical locations with products that include live occupancy, people counting, heatmap, queue management, and mood/age/gender recognition technologies. Our customer behavior analytics tools help businesses boost conversions, increase profits, and optimize operations in their physical locations.

Serving 700+ businesses in various industries worldwide and partnering with global platforms like Microsoft and Amazon, our company has evolved into a success story with continuous innovation.

V-Count solutions are used in more than 110 countries and installed in over 32,000 locations around the world. Our company has a dynamic team of 70 employees in offices located in London, Miami, Istanbul, Dubai, and Hong Kong.


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