Why Implement a Queue Management System for Retail

It is a known fact that consumers hate standing in line at the store. Long queues scare away customers, and anyone who has ever shopped knows this. After all, how likely are you to wait in a line that stretches all the way to the door?

Since Covid-19 hit, long lines have gone from being simply a nuisance and a waste of time to a potential hazard. Businesses have to be mindful of this because if customers refuse to wait in line or leave before making a purchase, it will affect their likelihood of returning and cause you to lose both sales and customer loyalty.

In this article, we’re going to look at what causes long queues and how, as a retailer, you can reduce the risk of long lines forming to keep your customers happy and safe.

What Causes Long Queues?

The simple answer is that there is a mismatch between customer demand and the resources available to serve them, and this can cause queues to build as demand exceeds resource capacity.

The trick is to deeply understand the details behind your operations and what the drivers of your queues are. The common causes could include:

  • Staff taking breaks at peak traffic hours, reducing capacity just when it matters most

  • Slow connections that can add to your average transaction time

  • Staff members focusing on tasks like restocking shelves rather than helping customers

It’s a tricky balance to achieve because too few employees on the floor can cause long queues, and too many staff members mean that you could be wasting salary spend that could otherwise be invested elsewhere.

V-Count’s Queue Management System

In a dynamic and competitive environment, digital transformation is no longer a choice for retail companies but a necessity. Retailers have to invest in technology, develop new strategies against changing customer behavior, and improve their operational processes in order to stand firm against increasing competition.

Achieving a balance between peak hours and staff allocation can be made easy by utilizing V-Count’s Queue Management System (QMS). Using the V-Count Ultima AI people counter sensor and analytics platform provides businesses with the vital data needed to minimize queue lengths and waiting times. By alerting staff that checkouts are getting too crowded, more checkout counters can be opened to prevent queues.

With V-Count’s queue management solution, businesses can determine the optimum payment time, reduce missed opportunities, and maximize efficiency, thus increasing income.

By knowing a store’s peak traffic hours from the people counting data, store managers can understand the most visited areas during these hours and provide an efficient allocation of staff accordingly. Thanks to this information and efficient staff allocation, retailers can eliminate abandonment, and potential can be turned into sales as there will be no loss of customers due to lack of interest or long lines.

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