Shopping Malls

Increase efficiency of your areas, by measuring the actual potential and performance of your entrances, hallways and key spaces.

Shopping Malls draw vast numbers of visitor traffic; mostly because of the extensive shopping opportunities they provide, but also for their entertainment value. Each shopping mall visitor follows a specific path based on their shopping goals and impulse created by the layout of the mall.

Mall managers have the power to shape each visitor’s journey, as long as they have the necessary intelligence about their behavioural triggers.Moreover, they can reach optimum efficiency within their malls, by measuring their visitor traffic in each space, setting the rents of these spaces accordingly, and justifying the value to their tenants.

People Counter

People Counting Benefits for Shopping Malls:


Realtime Traffic

Count the number of people entering and exiting your malls with 98% accuracy, in real time. Compare your weekend traffic with your weekdays, or that of last week, last month and last year.

People Counting
People Counting


Compare the traffic flow between your shopping malls, locate your highest and lowest performing malls. Analyse their performances for benchmarking, then increase effectiveness of your low performing locations.

Peak Hours

Discover your power hours in which your malls generate most traffic. Manage events and marketing campaigns accordingly.

People Counting
People Counting

Weather Correlation

Discover if your traffic flow is affected by the weather forecast. Make well established visitor traffic predictions for future months by analyzing correlation data.

Evaluate The Attraction

Discover the attention level within your malls. Keep track of which areas are most visited, and why. Compare the traffic within your interest areas, whether these are your Cinemas, Food Courts or Game Rooms.

People Counting
People Counting

Floor Performances

Count how many visitors enter which floors on an hourly and daily basis. Compare floor performances, and optimize customer experience accordingly.

Validate Rents

Count the number of people entering each store within your mall, in order to get a better understanding of how many customers are visiting which stores. Optimise the rent of your key spaces.

People Counter

Staff Optimization

Optimize cleaning and security staff operation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your malls during power hours. Increase overall customer satisfaction.

Wi-Fi Tracking Benefits for Shopping Malls:

People Counting

Street Counting, Draw-in Rate

Track how many potential visitors pass by your entrance, so you can calculate your draw-in rate. Improve your window displays and marketing campaigns, to draw more potential buyers into the mall, and increase profits.

Retention Rate

Know the ratio of your repeating visitors and how frequently they visit. Turn your repeating visitors into frequent buyers and increase loyalty along with recurring sales.

People Counting
People Counting

Average Waiting Time

Measure the average dwell time of your visitors within your malls. Increase their engagement and time spent into more sales and revenue per customer.

Cross Shopping

Track the shared customer base of malls that are in close proximity, and see if the location of your malls should be changed to avoid loss of revenue due to cannibalism.

People Counting

Heatmap Benefits for Shopping Malls:

People Counting

Popular Area Detection

Discover the popular areas your clients are being attracted to within your mall. Understand the reasons behind the performance of these successful areas, and apply this knowledge to other areas to reach the same performance level or higher, across your mall.

Marketing Effectiveness

Measure marketing effectiveness by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels used in different zones across your mall, delist the least attractive activities.

People Counting
People Counter

Measure Anchor Occupancy

Track how attractive your Anchor’s are for your customers. Measure the number of people visiting your Food Courts, Cinema Area, Game Rooms, so you can allocate rents of near by stores accordingly.

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