Use visitor analytics technologies to identify hot zones, improve casino floor layout, optimize staff deployment, and reduce wait lines.

The general atmosphere in a casino is supposed to be relaxing. When visitors are relaxed, they spend more time in gaming rooms and at slot machines; this translates to increased revenue for the casino. People counting technologies enable casinos operate efficiently and seamlessly; staffing is automated, the busiest sections are clutter-free, visitors can easily locate in-house entertainment spots, and cash machines are exactly where they are needed.

People Counting Benefits for Casinos

Count visitors in real time

Know the total number of people on the casino grounds at all times. Important for staffing and implementing business strategies.


Compare visitor traffic at different locations to identify the best performers in a casino chain.

Determine peak periods

Past traffic data predicts future peak hours, giving managers ample time to prepare accordingly.

Heatmap Benefits for Casinos

Visitor flow

Identify areas with high traffic flow for optimal advert placement and to maximize exposure for special events.

People CountingIdentify hot zones

Identify the gaming rooms or slot machines that see the most activity. Place cash machines strategically in these zones to boost revenue.

People CountingMeasure dwell time

Receive reports on how much time players spend on the casino floor/in gaming rooms; come up with new ways to improve dwell time.

Improve design

Improve layout, optimize product placement, and increase accessibility. This eases visitor flow and maximizes engagement.

Queue Management Benefits for Casinos

Better queue management

Get real-time notifications when queues are getting longer and/or gaming rooms are getting crowded.

Optimize staffing

Staff optimally during peak periods and improve overall staff-customer ratio in restaurants, gift shops, and other secondary businesses in the casino.

Reduce lost opportunities

Shorter queues and a higher staff-customer ratio means fewer lost opportunities and higher conversion rates.