All the best hotels have very similar amenities and top-class features. As a result, when it comes to satisfying guests and ensuring that they become recurring customers, it is the little things that count. How long was the line at check-in? How quickly did room service show up? How rowdy was the buffet room? To keep your hotel running smoothly and deploy staff efficiently, our hotel visitor counters and analytics software are very effective.

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Benefits of Visitor Analytics for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, People Counting solutions tailored for hotels bring invaluable benefits and operational efficiency. Hotel managers can Leverage advanced visitor analytics to forecast peak seasons accurately, providing strategic insights for planning and resource allocation. These insights empower hotels to proactively manage high-demand periods by restocking supplies, optimizing staff schedules, and launching targeted marketing campaigns. The result is a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests during busy seasons.

People counting can also be used to track footfall traffic in key areas such as restaurants, gyms, hotel lounges, and business centers. By identifying popular spots, hotels can optimize these areas to enhance guest experiences and increase revenue potential. This detailed analysis allows for tailored services and strategic adjustments to meet specific guest demands.

V-Count people counters can also help hotel chains to monitor comprehensive benchmarking to compare the hotel’s performance with counterparts in the franchise. This analysis helps identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling the implementation of successful strategies across the entire hotel network. The outcome is consistent quality and guest satisfaction, setting a standard of excellence within the hotel chain.

People Counting solutions optimize and enhance hotel management by providing actionable insights that optimize operations, elevate guest experiences, and contribute to overall success in the competitive hospitality sector.

V-Count Queue Management Solutions designed for hotels play a pivotal role in streamlining operations and ensuring a smooth guest experience with advanced queue analysis systems to minimize wait times during critical processes such as check-in and check-out. By leveraging real-time insights, hotels can strategically allocate resources and staff to efficiently handle guest traffic. The result is a seamless and expedited check-in/check-out process, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

Queue management solutions tailored for hotels empower establishments to proactively address guest needs, providing a hassle-free environment and contributing to the hotel’s reputation for exceptional service.

Hotels can utilize real-time occupancy add-on to constantly monitor the number of guests in the hotel. This enables hotel management to make immediate adjustments and enhancements to ensure optimal guest experiences and allocate additional staff when the optimum occupancy levels are exceeded. Leverage instant notifications about potential overcrowding in common areas during peak times. Strategically deploy staff to effectively manage increased traffic flow, enhancing guest safety and comfort. This proactive approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable stay for hotel guests.

Meet BoostBI

Visitor Analytics to Boost The Efficiency of Your Physical Locations

Compatible with All People Counters

Operating a network of stores, malls, airports, or other facilities? Have you invested in various brands of people counting sensors? Replacing them all at once can be challenging and expensive. V-Count is compatible with modern people counting sensors, ensuring a straightforward setup. With Boost BI, comparing your various stores or facilities becomes effortless.

Enhance the performance of your people counting sensors with Boost BI by having all your data centralized in a single location. Connecting Boost BI to your data takes less than two days. Furthermore, Boost BI accommodates 19 languages, ensuring accessibility for a global audience

Ultima AI

Precise. All-in-one. Plug & Play.

With an unmatched accuracy of up to 99.9% and as the world’s only people counter with machine learning and AI algorithms on the sensor, Ultima AI ensures reliable gender and age recognition, and offers an optional, highly accurate staff exclusion system.

Ultima AI features in-device processing and active stereo vision for 3D insights without capturing personal details. This feature ensures GDPR compliance while also providing an all-in-one solution for your convenience.

Ultima Go

Smart. Cost-Effective. Plug & Play.

Ultima Go is designed to deliver intelligent visitor analytics solutions like people counting, demographic analysis, staff exclusion, real-time occupancy monitoring, group counting, and more, tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises .

Ultima Go stands out with its commitment to privacy through GDPR compliance, leveraging cutting-edge AI on Chip technology, and incorporating 3D Stereo Active Technology for unparalleled accuracy.

Ultima Prime

Accurate. Prime. Plug & Play.

Ultima Prime offers specialized solutions for in-store heatmap and zone analytics, allowing you to optimize store layouts, strategically place products, refine pricing strategies, and unlock a myriad of benefits.

With Ultima Prime, industries like retails, events, and smart buildings can leverage the power of data to enhance business performance, making informed decisions that drive success.


Affordable. Accurate. Plug & Play.

V-Count’s newest innovation, Nano, brings you cost-effective people counting solutions tailored for any business. Exclusively focusing on people counting, group counting, and staff exclusion, Nano is designed to meet your specific needs.

While Nano’s accuracy averages at an impressive 95%, it can achieve up to 99% accuracy, depending on the sensor’s height. Elevate your business insights with Nano’s precision and affordability.

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Why V-Count

We are transforming people’s day-to-day experiences

We have earned the trust of more than six hundred customers, including eleven Fortune 500 companies, with our industry-leading people counting solutions. We operate in 128 countries, providing a variety of solutions for businesses. These include people counting, queue management, demographic analysis, heatmap and storefront analytics, and many more.

Our specialty lies in computer vision and AI, fields in which we have pioneered patented innovations. V-Count independently designs, develops, and manufactures its own hardware and software.

Our unique AI-on-chip technology guarantees exceptional accuracy in analytics and people counting, while placing a high emphasis on privacy. Rest assured, our technology fully complies with GDPR regulations worldwide. Furthermore, our sensors are equipped with user-friendly plug-and-play features and a dashboard called BoostBI, providing actionable insights, automatic reports, and a mobile app, ensuring a smooth experience for our users.

Our exclusive AI-on-chip technology excels not only in people counting but also in providing data-driven behavioral analytics. It reveals the full potential of your business through insights such as zone analytics, visitor flow analytics, and customer demographics like gender and age.

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing with no surprise payments later, and we are unwaveringly dedicated to a seamless customer experience.

Feel free to get a demo, because you can count on V-Count for people analytics!

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