Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are not only areas for living, but they could also be office facilities or commerce facilities. They are considered investments whose value can be maintained by being cost-effective. They are designed with information technology that connects the subsystems that operate independently to be more efficient both for occupants and operators. Smart building technology interacts with occupants and empowers them to make use of the energy-saving concept and make actionable decisions on how to be more environmentally friendly.

This is where smart building footfall counters and occupancy analysis come into the picture. Building occupancy solutions can track the occupants’ entering and exiting times and analyze how the building space is occupied, and thus, make effective business decisions to save energy, minimize costs, and optimize the value of your building.

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Benefits of Visitor Analytics for Smart Buildings

Monitor the number of individuals entering and leaving your smart buildings, providing a comprehensive understanding of traffic and occupancy levels across different floors. Whether your building hosts as few as 20 people or over a thousand, people counting allows you to precisely measure and analyze foot traffic.

Optimize your building’s energy consumption by adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on real-time occupancy data. This ensures that energy isn’t wasted in empty rooms or unused areas, aligning with eco-conscious practices and contributing to a greener future.

Enhance facility management by organizing cleaning schedules and staff shifts according to zone or common area occupancy. This proactive approach ensures a consistently clean environment and efficient staff allocation, ultimately contributing to lower operational costs. The reduction of energy waste and the optimization of staff operations are key components in the quest for a more sustainable and cost-effective smart building.

Smart Buildings can greatly benefit from the utilization of heatmap insights for effective space optimization. Ultima Prime’s cutting-edge technology offers real-time data that highlights areas with the highest dwell time and engagement within the building. This invaluable information empowers decision-makers to make informed choices regarding space allocation and resource optimization.

Bid farewell to unnecessary space expenses as you strategically allocate resources based on the genuine usage patterns detected by Ultima Prime’s advanced system. By adopting this data-driven approach, you guarantee that every square foot within your smart building is utilized efficiently. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to significant cost-effectiveness.

Imagine the advantage of being able to identify and prioritize the most frequented areas in real time. Whether it’s a popular meeting room, a bustling collaboration space, or a high-traffic lobby, Ultima Prime’s technology allows you to harness the power of information for intelligent decision-making. This insight ensures that your smart building is not just technologically advanced but also optimized for the dynamic needs of its occupants.

As you integrate Ultima Prime’s technology into your smart building framework, you are not just investing in state-of-the-art solutions; you are future-proofing your infrastructure. The efficient utilization of space and resources not only benefits your operational bottom line but also contributes to a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to building management.

Meet BoostBI

Visitor Analytics to Boost The Efficiency of Your Physical Locations

Compatible with All People Counters

Operating a network of stores, malls, airports, or other facilities? Have you invested in various brands of people counting sensors? Replacing them all at once can be challenging and expensive. V-Count is compatible with modern people counting sensors, ensuring a straightforward setup. With Boost BI, comparing your various stores or facilities becomes effortless.

Enhance the performance of your people counting sensors with Boost BI by having all your data centralized in a single location. Connecting Boost BI to your data takes less than two days. Furthermore, Boost BI accommodates 19 languages, ensuring accessibility for a global audience

Ultima AI

Precise. All-in-one. Plug & Play.

With an unmatched accuracy of up to 99.9% and as the world’s only people counter with machine learning and AI algorithms on the sensor, Ultima AI ensures reliable gender and age recognition, and offers an optional, highly accurate staff exclusion system.

Ultima AI features in-device processing and active stereo vision for 3D insights without capturing personal details. This feature ensures GDPR compliance while also providing an all-in-one solution for your convenience.

Ultima Go

Smart. Cost-Effective. Plug & Play.

Ultima Go is designed to deliver intelligent visitor analytics solutions like people counting, demographic analysis, staff exclusion, real-time occupancy monitoring, group counting, and more, tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises .

Ultima Go stands out with its commitment to privacy through GDPR compliance, leveraging cutting-edge AI on Chip technology, and incorporating 3D Stereo Active Technology for unparalleled accuracy.

Ultima Prime

Accurate. Prime. Plug & Play.

Ultima Prime offers specialized solutions for in-store heatmap and zone analytics, allowing you to optimize store layouts, strategically place products, refine pricing strategies, and unlock a myriad of benefits.

With Ultima Prime, industries like retails, events, and smart buildings can leverage the power of data to enhance business performance, making informed decisions that drive success.


Affordable. Accurate. Plug & Play.

V-Count’s newest innovation, Nano, brings you cost-effective people counting solutions tailored for any business. Exclusively focusing on people counting, group counting, and staff exclusion, Nano is designed to meet your specific needs.

While Nano’s accuracy averages at an impressive 95%, it can achieve up to 99% accuracy, depending on the sensor’s height. Elevate your business insights with Nano’s precision and affordability.

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Why V-Count

We are transforming people’s day-to-day experiences

With 18 years of experience in people analytics, V-Count has earned the trust of over 600 clients, including eleven Fortune 500 companies. We operate in 128 countries, providing a variety of solutions for businesses. These include people counting, queue management, demographic analysis, heatmap and storefront analytics, and many more.

Our specialty lies in computer vision and AI, fields in which we have pioneered patented innovations. V-Count independently designs, develops, and manufactures its own hardware and software.

Our unique AI-on-chip technology guarantees exceptional accuracy in analytics and people counting, while placing a high emphasis on privacy. Rest assured, our technology fully complies with GDPR regulations worldwide. Furthermore, our sensors are equipped with user-friendly plug-and-play features and a dashboard called BoostBI, providing actionable insights, automatic reports, and a mobile app, ensuring a smooth experience for our users.

Our exclusive AI-on-chip technology excels not only in people counting but also in providing data-driven behavioral analytics. It reveals the full potential of your business through insights such as zone analytics, visitor flow analytics, and customer demographics like gender and age.

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing with no surprise payments later, and we are unwaveringly dedicated to a seamless customer experience.

Feel free to get a demo, because you can count on V-Count for people analytics!

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