Gender & Age Recognition

For a Better Shopping Experience

Know your potential and existing customers’ demographic profile and provide personalized and exceptional customer service according to your visitors’ preferences.

Gender and Age Recognition with AI on Chip Technology

Increased Sales with Optimized Marketing

  • Increase your sales by optimizing the products you promote based on the gender and age of the customers visiting your store.
  • Increase your store’s foot traffic by placing products based on the analysis of which door is most used by each gender or age.
  • Improve your understanding of customer information, such as age and gender, and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Analyze the correlation between purchased and promoted products by tallying customers at checkout, in-store, and during browsing.

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What Is Gender Recognition Software?

Understand your visitors’ gender profiles with V-Count’s demographic data collection and analysis to enhance your customers’ engagement levels by offering them the right products. Keeping your stocks up to date with the needs of your diverse customer base provides them with a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

By tailoring your inventory to reflect the preferences indicated by demographic data, you not only meet but anticipate customer needs, elevating their shopping experience and encouraging loyalty.

Benefits of Demographic Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ profiles and deliver a better service according to your visitors’ demographics.

Improved Marketing Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and tailor your advertising techniques to your customers’ gender trends to boost conversions.

Merchandising Effectiveness

Choose assortments in line with your visitors’ gender data for better business results.

Stock Allocation & In-store Design

Optimize the design of your store based on the gender demographics of your visitors.

Diversity Approach

At V-Count, we value every aspect of human diversity, including all gender identities. Our technology estimates gender based on visual indicators for statistical purposes only and does not define or assume biological sex or personal gender identity. We are committed to respectful and inclusive data practices.

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