Provide all visitors with unique in-store customer experience and create user-specific adverts that optimize sales

Telecom stores and service centers are mostly visited by people considering their options, people with the intention to look around and see if any of the available products and services interest them. On many occasions, the decision to subscribe to a company’s service is made right there in the store. Because of this, customer service is a significant performance indicator for telecom companies, and their success depends strongly on how satisfied customers are.

People counting, queue management and other visitor analytics solutions make it possible for telecom service centers to provide every visitor with a unique and customized experience. The mood, age, and gender recognition technology also allows them to detect visitors’ moods as they enter the store, and subsequently, create highly-effective ad campaigns. When combined, these solutions help telecom service centers convert more visitors to customers, and provide all customers with a tailored service experience.

Benefits of Visitor Analytics to Telecom Companies:

Customer Satisfaction

By predicting your customers’ needs with telecom analytics, you are better able to provide them with tailored and personalized products and services, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Real-time Traffic

Count the number of visitors that walk through your doors in real time and at near 100% accuracy.

Conversion Rates

Measure how effective your stores are, how many visitors were converted to customers, and how much sales are generated per customer by using telecom analytics solutions.

Efficient Staffing

Telecom analytics software allows you to discover when your store is most busy—when the opportunity for sales is highest—and deploy staff accordingly.

Effective Marketing

Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strategies, and use the data gathered to optimize future campaigns.

 Improve Store Design

Find out the areas customers visit frequently and make them more accessible, e.g.,  improve lighting, shelf arrangement, and product placement.


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