Industries We Focus on

    Retail Chains
  • Boost conversions in 60 days
  • Immediate marketing for different genders, ages and emotions
  • Eliminate abandoned rates
  • Discover popular zones in store
  • Compare campaign effectiveness
  • Optimize shifts to align staff with peak hours
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    Shopping Malls
  • Set benchmarks for rents
  • Use the system as a fire security
  • Compare performance of multiple zones
  • Optimize operational performance with mood, age & gender (MAG) analysis
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  • Identify operational bottlenecks
  • Allocate staff sufficiently to avoid passenger delays
  • Turn passengers into customers of duty free stores
  • Keep passengers with real time occupancy data
  • Optimize operational performance with mood, age & gender (MAG) analysis
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    Libraries & Museums
  • Discover peak times of traffic, visitors’ age group, gender and emotions
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and allocate staff sufficiently
  • Keep your visitors safe from hazards with real time occupancy analysis
  • Determine how much time visitors spend
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  • Learn genders, ages and emotions of your customers
  • Increase conversion rates with marketing campaigns according to your visitors
  • Determine peak days & hours of visitor traffic
  • Identify and eliminate long queues in real time
  • Improve category performance
  • Identify traffic of aisles to negotiate placement with suppliers
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    Car Showrooms
  • Allocate sales reps according to peak days & hours
  • Learn where the hot zones and popular models are
  • Compare and improve performance of multiple zones/stores on a single screen
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  • Identify and eliminate long queues in real time
  • Follow merchandising effectiveness closely
  • Allocate staff according to peak hours and hot zones
  • Compare and improve campaign effectiveness
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    Gas Stations
  • Identify peak hours of traffic and allocate staff accordingly
  • Measure merchandising effectiveness in consignment store
  • Compare performance of multiple locations on the same screen
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  • Identify popular zones and allocate staff accordingly
  • Learn visitors’ age group as they enter
  • Capture visitor emotions and determine their gender
  • Keep customers safe with real time occupancy data
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    Theme Parks
  • Learn peak hours and allocate staff accordingly
  • Eliminate long queues before they form
  • Increase sales in your consignment stores
  • Keep visitors safe with real time occupancy data
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    Events & Exhibitions
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and prevent long queues
  • Allocate staff sufficiently to reduce wait times at the entrances and exits
  • Keep visitors safe with real time occupancy data
  • Discover most popular areas
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    Government Buildings
  • Allocated staff according to peak visiting times
  • Keep your operations smooth by identifying queues in real time
  • Keep visitors safe with real time occupancy data
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  • Identify emotions, ages and genders of customers
  • Compare all branches’ traffic/transaction performance
  • Eliminate long queues and unhappy customers
  • Quickly change the digital signages according to customers ages and genders
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How Retail Analytics Work?

From Entrance to Exit,
Capture the Complete Customer Journey

3D Alpha+ People Counter

Real-time Actionable Data! 98% Accuracy
Measure the number of people passing by and customers entering your store, optimize staff allocation as well as marketing strategies and watch your profits skyrocket. V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides industry leading accuracy due to its hybrid stereo vision and wifi tracking technology, provides many different data sets to drive your results.

Queue Management

Fast Transactions = Happy Customers
Minimize your customer’s wait time and forget about abandoned baskets. Equipped with an advanced algorithm and the latest stereo vision technology, V-Count Queue Management solution can accurately measure the number of customers at checkout desks real time and let you measure & increase service.


Transform Your Business
Take real time action on your digital signage systems and in-store marketing campaigns according to age, gender and emotions of your visitors. Knowing demographic profile of your potential and existing customers is an important variable to provide better service according to their preferences.

Business Intelligence Platform

Increase your Conversion Rates
Control all your physical spaces, devices and business growth on a single platform. Analyze all operations and departments with sophisticated yet easy-to-use reports. Make fast decisions that translate into immediate business results with the help of V-Count Business Intelligence Platform

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