Redefining People Counting with Precision and Affordability

Every footstep counts, every business matters. V-Count’s latest product Nano redefines people counting with precision and affordability at the same time.

Precise. Affordable. Plug & Play.

Meet Nano, our latest people counting product which represents a breakthrough in cost-effective people counting solutions crafted to cater to the unique requirements of any business. With an exclusive emphasis on precise people counting, group counting, and staff exclusion, Nano is designed to address the people counting needs of diverse industries.

What sets Nano apart is its remarkable accuracy, averaging an impressive 95%. However, this accuracy can reach 99%, contingent upon the ceiling height and sensor installation.  

Nano is also available with Wi-Fi connectivity, working up to 30 meters with built-in antenna. Nano is the world’s first real plug & play people counter. 

Just like other V-Count people counting sensors, Nano prioritizes privacy with in-device processing, utilizing stereo vision for 3D insights without capturing personal details, ensuring GDPR compliance. 

Nano Features

Up To 99.9% Accuracy

Up To 99.9% Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art 3D stereo vision technology and AI-based object detection algorithms allow for up to 99.9% people counting accuracy with Nano. (95% on average) 

Field of View

Field of View

Nano provides the broadest coverage with a dual fisheye lens which reduces the number of counters needed, thus decreasing costs, and improving eco-footprint.

Relentless Durability

Relentless Durability

Nano has the capability to withstand weather conditions from 0° C to 45° and it is also designed to be water leakage-proof, enclosed in a splash-proof casing to mitigate common issues like water leakage from the ceiling.  

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Nano is a Plug & Play people counter sensor. It’s quick and simple to set up. Just plug in, connect and configure remotely.

Born Invisible

Born Invisible

Only 2.6 cm thick. Nano is the thinnest sensor in the world. With its flush mounting and range of black and white colors, it allows for easy and fast installation without the operational hassle.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Nano is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR, privacy is assured with anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded.

Night Vision

Night Vision

Powered by 3D stereo vision technology, V-Count Nano offers low-light and night mode counting with external infrared light. 



Nano learns the environment and calibrates itself automatically with its auto-calibration feature.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nano is available with Wi-Fi connectivity, working up to 30 meters with built-in antenna. This enables you to access real-time people count data from anywhere and at any time with no cable clutter or expense and the easiest setup ever. 

Nano Solutions

People Counting

Insights to increase your revenue in 60 days

Counting foot traffic in and out of your store with Nano accuracy is the gateway to insights to drive more sales, improve conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize your overall operations. Nano provides from 95% up to %99 accuracy in people counting. 

With Nano’s accuracy ranging from 95% to an impressive 99% in people counting, you gain a powerful tool to enhance sales, boost conversion rates, elevate customer satisfaction, and optimize overall operational efficiency.



Staff Exclusion

Exclude your staff and achieve more accurate conversion rates

People Counting with Nano enables you to exclude the staff to help you get the most accurate traffic data in your store.  With Nano’s optional Staff Exclusion Solution, you will know the exact number of customers in your store and receive the purest conversion data while measuring customer to staff ratio. 

Nano’s optional Staff Exclusion Solution and advanced functionalities offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking accurate insights to optimize their overall operations and strategies. 

Group Counting

Count groups as one to reach your pure conversion data

Families, friends, or couples, people often visit stores in groups. Counting them as separate individuals can negatively impact your conversion rates and KPIs. Nano people counting sensors can recognize the crowds moving together and count them as one customer. 

By intelligently accounting for the collective movement of crowds, Nano ensures that your analytics provide a more realistic representation of customer engagement and this also allows businesses to optimize their marketing efforts according to their visitor profiles.

Specifications of Nano

Industries We Serve

100% Privacy​

Privacy-Focused, GDPR-Ready Analytics

When it comes to visitor counting, businesses must follow the regulations of GDPR and only all-in-one sensors like V-Count’s Ultima sensors and depth sensing technologies can provide 100 % privacy. If your system processes camera stream in a separate server and software setup, your system is not GDPR compliant and you are at risk.

At V-Count, we prioritize the security of your customer and visitor data above everything. Our cutting-edge sensors and solutions are perfectly designed to comply with strict GDPR regulations.

With V-Count solutions, you’ll be leveraging advanced anonymous counting methods, guaranteeing that neither customer nor staff data is ever stored or recorded, meaning that, safeguarding you from potential legal penalties.

Don’t risk non-compliance with GDPR regulations. Trust V-Count for data security.

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