Car Showrooms

Measure how effectively your dealership is performing and optimize future marketing initiatives with V-Count’s car dealership analytics.

A good number of people that visit a car dealership needs some convincing before they make a purchase. Many of them just want to check the available offers and compare them with what is offered at other dealerships before making a decision. Research, however, shows that the longer a prospective buyer stays in a car showroom, the higher the likelihood that they will make a purchase, and auto dealerships analytics can help with that.

Auto showroom analytics and traffic counters provide car dealerships with occupancy data of their showrooms, how many people are present at a particular time, how much time they spend, and which areas they spend the most time. With this information, showroom managers can come up with new ways to increase customer engagement and keep prospective buyers in the room. Car dealers’ analytics also help dealerships measure the customer traffic that accompanies the unveiling of new cars and test the effectiveness of new marketing initiatives.

Benefits of Visitor Analytics to Car Dealerships

In-store Activity

Heatmap technology shows you how customers move around your store and which areas (e.g. customer service desk, car A, car B and so on) receive the most visits.

Trend analysis

Car dealership trends vary with location. Analyze your showroom, figure out the prevalent trends, and see how you measure up to your other car showrooms in the area (and nationwide).

Improve Customer Conversion

Car showroom analytics will help you to find out how many people visit your showroom to check out new car models, how many come in for test rides, and how many of them end up making a purchase. Come up with deals that will help you turn more visitors to customers.

Optimize marketing campaigns

Launch new ads & marketing campaigns and use visitor data to test their effectiveness. Tweak the campaigns until you get things perfectly right.