Whirlpool Case Study

Whirlpool optimized staff scheduling, increased the effectiveness of their window displays and in-store campaigns substantially.

Samsung Case Study

Since the installment of the 3D Alpha+ Devices in January 2017 in-store conversion rates have increased more than 5% in Samsung Electronics stores.

ATU Case Study

V-Count assisted ATU in optimizing the staff according to occupancy rates enabled Istanbul Duty Free Shop to increase its conversion rate by 18.2% in the first year.

Arçelik Case Study

Arçelik’s conversion rate has increased significantly since 2013, with V-Count’s retail analytics solutions, along with a boost in the sales volume and customer satisfaction.

Hatemoğlu Case Study

V-Count People Counting and Heatmap in-store analysis helped Hatemoglu, increase conversion rates, optimize personnel shifts and merchandising decisions.


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