After a long and thorough process of evaluation, in retail analytics space, BSH decided to move forward with V-Count solutions. BSH already kicked off to deploy our solutions to ~1000 stores initially.

Benu is using 150+ people counting and Heatmap devices in 5 countries (Serbia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia Lithuania), providing in-store analytics
V-Count is Samsung trusted retail analytics partner since 2016. Our solutions are deployed in 70+ stores in Europe and helped Samsung to increase in-store conversions rate by +5%.
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250+ stores in Europe are powered with V-Count People Counting solution.
“We have recently started working with V-Count for many of our stores across Europe. The installation process was smooth, painless and easy to manage across a wide network like ours....”
Bart Carbonnelle
IT Support Supervisor

After a successful tender Sofmap started to use
V-Count devices in 140 Stores across Japan.

V-Count is deployed in 250+ store and will reach 500+ store covered in 2019, in 3 countries.

Swarovski has experienced prominent success through the analysis of their whole operation and optimizing in-store business processes with the help of V-Count's visitor analytics tools.

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With over 250 stores covered by 350+ devices, all Vestel boutiques in Turkey are powered by V-Count.
"DeFacto increased conversion rate and revenues by %27 with V-Count solutions. We are extremely pleased with their reports and analysis."

Engin Dal
BI Manager
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Türk Telekom had a great challenge operating more than 1000 stores which were geographically spread through the country.
V-Count installed more than 2000 3D Alpha+ devices to 1000+ stores in less than 45 days, enabling Türk Telekom to monitor all their store operations on our Business Intelligence Platform.
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Bata is powered by V-Count in 100 stores
across Indonesia.

Marks & Spencer is using V-count solutions for 50+ stores.
Taipei, Hongkong, Bangkok, Las Vegas and London stores are powered with our solutions.
"V-Count has demonstrated significant agility and flexibility during our store renovations which impacted half of our network and scheduled within a very limited time table. Their solid and solution oriented customer services ensure that we are ” well understood with our needs & requests, furthermore, secure our long-term relationship with them as a Partner."
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59 stores are covered with our solutions in Malaysia to analyze their visitor traffic and enhance their in-store customer experience.
Discover how V-Count optimize Telecom in-store
customer experience
L’Occitane en Provence is supported by
V-count in Costa Rica
Crocs increased conversion rates by two points after reorganizing staff schedules using traffic data.
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Unifree Duty Free chose V-Count solutions for their duty free shopping area in Istanbul New Airport. With 53,000 square meter space, it will be the biggest Duty Free in the world, offering a remarkable shopping experience.
customer experience
"After running a head to head proof of concept, The Pittsburgh Penguins and PPG Paints arena selected V-Count to monitor egress and regress figures at all points of entry and exit. We chose V-Count in part due to the ease of use and functionality of their web based reporting software (BIP) and their ability to configure BIP to meet our particular needs. We are glad to have chosen V-Count, their services & solutions exceeded our expectations."

Erik Watts
Senior Director of Technology
V-Count Business Intelligence platform gives Home Vega the ability to immediately analyze the impact of each advertising campaign, to understand for each dollar spent on a particular campaign the exact traffic it brings into their stores. It helps them to redirect their marketing efforts to find the best market penetration.
V-Count is the trusted analytics partner of Hatemoglu since 2016, covering +100 stores.
12 stores are powered by V-Count.
From People Counter to Heatmap, Ford is using V-Count solutions in 100+ stores in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Australia's leading bed specialist is powered by V-Count solutions in it's 90+ stores since 2016.
Alberto Oculista is using people counting solutions in 50+ stores in Portugal, providing in-store analytics.
Bang & Olufsen choose V-Count for its stores in New York.
8 stores in Hong Kong are currently powered by V-Count physical analytics solutions.
Chalhoub Group chose V-Count as their visitor analytics partner for it’s The Deal and The Shoe Deal brands across United Arab Emirates
Ikea Kuweit is using our people counter solution.
“Visitor traffic data is highly critical. V-Count has an agile approach and provided us the flexibility we needed during the deployment of the system. Now it works with 95% accuracy on all our locations and the data is transferred into our ERP system via V-Count web services. We include traffic data in all our reports and employ visitor analytics data for entire sales decisions. We are pleased with the service V-Count provides and seldom experience problems which gets fixed really quickly.”

Ufuk Alpoğlu
IT Supervisor
Fybeca chose V-Count as its visitor analytics trusted partner. V-Count solutions are covering all 30 stores of Fybeca in Ecuador.
V-Count is the visitor analytics partner of Ebebek since 2013, covering 170+ boutiques.
Caudalie is using V-count solutions for 30 stores in USA since 2016.
“D&R uses 400+ V-Count units in more than 200 shops. Not only are we satisfied with the professional service they provide for our company, but we are also extremely pleased with our communication and business partnership. V-Count is a focused, problem solving, and exciting team to work with. This was what grabbed our attention in the first place.”

Ufuk Dokuzoğlu
IT Manager
Setur Duty Free at Sabiha Gokcen, the second busiest airport of Turkey, optimize its business operations thanks to Key Performance Indicators obtained through V-Count Solutions.
Aeropostale is using V-Count solutions in Egypt.
Beymen started to use People Counting and Heatmap solution in 2016, to expand it to 100+ stores today.
Damat&Tween is trusting V-Count since 2016, and deployed our Retail Analytics solutions in 200 stores.
Since 2016, Optica Los Andes is powered by V-Count in it’s 40+ stores across Ecuador.
Caspian Waterfront, with its 120,000m2 will be the biggest mall of Azerbaijan.
“We’ve been working with V-Count team since 2012 and have been using their professional solutions in all our retail stores. With the help of their solutions we discovered our improvement areas and increased our conversion rates and revenue significantly by taking data analytics based actions.”

Sedef Gedikli
Marketing Manager
Nike is using our solutions in several stores in Portugal.
Across more than 300 retail locations, Yataş has been using V-Count solutions.
We analyze traffic data for two shopping mall.
Vakko is the leading luxury brand in Turkey with 122 stores. The company optimizes its operations by employing the data gathered and analyzed by V-Count visitor analytics solutions.
V-Count supplies and analyzes visitor data in 60 location in USA.
V-Count supplies and analyzes visitor data in 84 locations.
Converse Provence is supported by V-count in Philipines and Serbia.
Cathay Pacific is getting realtime occupancy per dertermined zone in its Lounge in Hong Kong Aırport, thanks to V-Count solutions.
B.TECH, The Largest Retailer for Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics in Egypt is using V-Count visitor analytics suite to manage its 70 stores.
Gallerie Perrotin is using V-Count solutions in Japan.
V-Count is monitoring the 13 entrances of Istinye Park shopping mall, providing visitor analytics through Business Intelligence Platform dedicated Shopping mall interface.
Ipekyol chose V-Count as its visitor analytics trusted partner. V-Count solutions are covering all 238 stores of Ipekyol in Turkey.
8 different entrances are covered by 26 devices at Melbourne Sport Centres in Australia.
Corso is powered by V-Count in 20+ stores across Georgia..
Across more than 30 retail locations in Turkey, Miniso has been using V-Count solutions.
Derimod started to use People Counting in 2013, to expand it to 90+ stores today.
Cevahir, the largest shopping mall in Europe and the second largest shopping mall in the world optimizes its operations by employing the data gathered and analyzed by V-Count visitor analytics solutions.
Caffè Nero is using V-Count solutions in Turkey.
100+ stores covered by People Counting since 2016.
Since the installment of the first 3D Alpha+ Device in 2013, Arçelik effectively quantifies the total foot traffic within each location, apprehend the sales volume vs. lost opportunities in their 550+ locations.
Tefal is using V-Count solutions in 30 stores since 2016.
40+ stores are equipped with people counting, delivering accurate visitor data since 2012
100+ stores are powered with V-Count People Counting solution


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