Transportation Passenger Counting

Get accurate passenger counting data on buses, trains, and ships to improve services,
increase passenger comfort, and boost revenues.

Automated passenger counting systems are crucial for developing transport concepts, not just for transport companies but also for operators, authorities, and municipalities.

Passenger counting data can be a valuable source of knowledge for a wide variety of urban transport issues. The data can be leveraged to evaluate the services provided, make passengers happier, and strategically optimize and develop future services.

Passenger Counting System Benefits

realtime vehicle optimizationReal-time vehicle and route optimization

Companies can add or remove vehicles and adjust their sizes by using live vehicle occupancy information.

customer satisfactionIncreased customer satisfaction

Provide the best travel experience to customers with vehicle and route optimization.

user analysisPassengers in and out traffic trends

A fast and easy way of analyzing and understanding passenger flows.

cost reductionCost reduction with route optimization

Define the right number of vehicles per route to save on operational costs.

sustainable transportEco-friendly & sustainable transport

Reduce transport gas emissions and improve the carbon footprint by efficiently managing unutilized vehicles on routes.

ticketing cross checkPayment & ticketing systems cross-check

Validate the number of passengers with the tickets sold to avoid discrepancies ensure transparency.

vehicle lifespanCalculate vehicle lifespan and tire depreciation rate

Determine the service lifespan of vehicles and tires based on usage frequency and passenger occupancy data.

in vehicle advertisingAdditional revenues from in-vehicle advertising

Advertisers can select the routes and vehicles with higher occupancy rates to achieve higher impressions.

Passenger Counting System Features

99% accuracyUp to 99% passenger counting accuracy

customer satisfactionActive 3D stereo vision technology

easy data transferEasy data transfer to cloud analytics software

gps trackingReal-time occupancy alerts

bidirectional passenger countingBidirectional in and out passenger counting

night visionNight vision passenger counting capability

adult child differentationAdult and child passenger differentiation

occupancyReal-time passenger counting

data syncData synchronization in case of internet disconnection

api integrationFast API integration with third-party software

Who is this system for?
Municipal and private
companies providing
public transport services
Buses, trains, metro systems
and ship operators
Payment and ticketing
system providers
Public transport
vehicles manufacturers
Companies that provide
advertising and promotion
services in public transport