Analytics Dashboard

Smarter decisions start with better visitor data.

Unlock the power of your visitor data with over 200 KPI’s. Increase the efficiency of your physical locations, campaigns, products, and operations with customized dashboards and reports.

Visitor Traffic

Are your stores located in the right locations? How powerful are your displays? How to plan staff schedules according to traffic? What are your power hours? How long do visitors stay in your stores?

Understanding your visitor traffic is a crucial metric that provides managers with insights into the performance across various stores, and allows them to compare and improve.

Conversion Rate

Traffic alone does not translate into sales. Converting visitors into buying customers is key to understanding the effectiveness of your stores. Our Business Intelligence Platform can also provide you with insights into group conversion rates and differentiates between individual vs. group visits to give you a more accurate overview of your store’s performance.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Marketing effectiveness helps you review all your marketing efforts on a single dashboard. You can compare marketing campaigns and events to optimize budgets, and get insights into how much you’ve spent on marketing to acquire a new visitor to your stores. It is a useful metric to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Store Optimizer

Get insights into customer and staff data on an hourly basis to know the number of customers catered to by your staff across the week to re-evaluate weekly staff allocations and ensure the optimum customer experience. The system also detects understaffed hours automatically and gives suggestions on staff scheduling accordingly.

Real-time Occupancy

V-Count‘s revolutionary real-time occupancy feature enables you to know how many people are in a particular area at any given time. Alerts can be activated if the occupancy limits exceed a predetermined threshold, which allows you to take immediate action. This data is easily shown to customers at the entrances through digital screens, which gives them a sense of safety and reassurance, and allows them to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Visitor Flow

Visitor Flow insights allow you to identify the popular areas within your space to increase revenue. You can adjust layouts to re-route visitors to improve the customer experience while increasing your profitability.

Automated E-mail Reports

Get tailored automated reports that are customizable and easy to use, delivered to each employee according to their role and level.

Customized Dashboards Per Vertical

V-Count’s Business Intelligence Platforms offers customized dashboards for retail, shopping malls, multi malls, and events. You will be able to gain specific insights into the most important metrics for your business and industry.

User Levels

Dashboards are customized according to employees’ roles and levels. V-Count reports data on 3 different user levels that cover all aspects of a business from an executive level that gives an overview of the performance across all stores, the general level to make comparisons between specific stores in a selected group, down to the store level, which analyzes the performance of each individual store.

Integrations With Industry-leading Software/Tools/Apps

The V-Count Business Intelligence Platform brings all your tools together and enables you to streamline your workflow by integrating industry-leading software and apps right into it.

Full Integration into Your Existing Hardware

We provide full integration of our Business Intelligence Platform into your existing hardware with minimum hassle and no extra cost. No matter your current hardware, we can help you upgrade your reporting system by switching to V-Count to get all the cloud features your business may need.

V-Count Cloud Security

We provide optimum cloud security by backing up data on 3 different locations every day.

ISO 9001 – Global Quality Standard
ISO 27001 – Security Management Standard
ISO 27017 – Cloud Specific Controls
ISO 27018 – Personal Data Protection
AWS SOC 2 Security
AWS SOC 3 Security

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, French, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Portuguese, Serbian, Japanese

Start making smarter business decisions with accurate visitor data and increase the efficiency of your physical locations


Designed to work together.

Business Intelligence Platform works seamlessly with Ultima AI, a next-generation people counting sensor with the highest accuracy on the market. Its all-in-one approach integrates multiple solutions into one sleek design with easy plug & play functionality.

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