What Are People Counter Sensors?

Track Real-Time Visitor Traffic

For businesses like shopping centers, retail chains, museums, restaurants, etc., gathering and analyzing customer traffic data can create value in terms of revenue and business efficiency and generate crucial insights that drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make informed marketing and spending decisions.

Our people counting sensor Ultima AI is engineered with a unique modern design to deliver unmatched accuracy and ensure privacy. Every aspect is designed with attention to detail to provide the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective person counting solution that the market has to offer.

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Benefits of People Counting Software

Unlock The Power of In-Store Data
benefits - get real time data

Get Real-Time Accurate Data

Obtain powerful insights by counting the number of people entering, exiting, and passing by your store in real-time anonymously and accurately. Automatically exclude staff members from the count to get true traffic measurement.

benefits - increase conversion

Increase Conversion Rates

Gain insights into your shopper base and performance to boost your conversion rates and increase profits.

benefits - manage occupancy

Manage Occupancy Capacity

Keep track of your occupancy capacity limits across all locations in real-time. Easily communicate safety recommendations and waiting times to your customers on digital screens or through your Apps to comply with social distancing regulations.

benefits - improve marketing

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the true impact of marketing campaigns and allocate your budget based on location-based performance.

benefits - optimize resource

Optimize Resource Allocation

Utilize the data to forecast traffic trends, peak hours, and staffing levels. Optimize operations by aligning staff and customer-to-staff ratio to traffic power hours.

benefits - enhance business

Enhance Business Growth

Cut down costs, make data-based decisions, and determine growth strategies based on the performances of your locations.

benefits - privacy

Privacy and GDPR

V-Count’s people counting sensor Ultima AI is fully compliant with GDPR, privacy is assured with anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded.

The V-Count Products

Utima AI

Ultima AI

The Ultimate People Counting Sensor

Cutting-edge technology with the highest accuracy on the market. Ultima AI offers first-class features like night-vision, easy plug & play setup, and an all-in-one approach to meet all your needs.

Cutting-edge technology with the highest accuracy on the market. Ultima AI offers first-class features like night-vision...

Cutting-edge technology with the highest accuracy on the market. Ultima AI offers first-class features like night-vision...

Business Intelligence Platform

Business Intelligence Platform

Analytics for The Physical World

An analytics platform that offers actionable reports to get a comprehensive view of all your physical operations, conversion rates, marketing effectiveness, staffing, and much more.

Customized reports and KPIs to increase the efficiency of your physical locations, campaigns, products, and operations...

Customized reports and KPIs to increase the efficiency of your physical locations, campaigns...


FAQ about People Counting

How does the people counting solution work?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI sensor is installed on the ceiling to monitor the entrances of the preferred location. The sensor camera anonymously detects and counts the heads of the people entering and exiting. The counting data is then sent to the V-Count business intelligence platform, where you can easily access and view the traffic data. You can use the data to improve the efficiency of your physical locations, campaigns, products, and operations with customized dashboards and reports.

How many sensors does my business need per store for counting?faq selection arrow

The number of sensors required depends on the height of the ceiling, the width of the entrance, and the number of entrances you would like to monitor. You may provide our team with your facility’s floor plan and desired counting area, and we would be happy to advise you on the estimated number of sensors required. Contact us for more details.

Is the V-Count people counter suitable for my business and industry?faq selection arrow

V-Count’s people counting solution is suitable for many industries such as:

Retail Chains
Shopping Malls
Gas Stations
Telecom Companies
Car Showrooms
Public Places
Libraries & Museums
Smart Buildings
Events & Exhibitions
Restaurant & Bars

Can the Ultima-AI sensor count under no light conditions?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI people counting sensor is powered by 3D active stereo vision technology. It is the only people counting/tracking sensor on the market with a night vision capability. It can count in complete darkness with no ghost counting or miscounting.

Which other solutions can work with the people counting solution?faq selection arrow

People Counting can work together with the below solutions;

Group Counting
Child & Adult Differentiation
Real-time Occupancy
Wi-Fi Analytics
Staff Exclusion
Mask Detection
Gender Recognition

Can we import and export the people counting data to our system?faq selection arrow

Yes, you can import your sales data into our dashboard manually or automatically via an API. V-Count analyzes the correlation between sales and traffic. You can also export the data through an API and use it in your own data management systems.

How reliable is the people counting system?faq selection arrow

Our state-of-art 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking can deliver up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution.

How can we measure and use our conversion rate?faq selection arrow

You can calculate your conversion rate by dividing the number of sales you make by the number of people that visit your store. Conversion rate = number of sales ÷ number of people. Your conversion rate allows you to accurately measure sales value compared to traffic numbers for a specific period. You can analyze the data, consider different ways of leveraging it, and utilize other retail analytics metrics to completely understand your store performance. Other metrics include:

Average basket size = total value of sales ÷ number of sales
Size of retail opportunity for the period = total number of people x average basket size

Does Ultima AI count children?faq selection arrow

The V-Count people counting sensors have the capability to differentiate between adults and children entering your location. By only counting the people with buying power, you get accurate traffic and conversion rate data.

What metrics can I see on the people counting dashboard?faq selection arrow

Combined with different metrics and add-ons, people counting provides a set of benchmarkable data for your stores and locations to improve the operational aspect of the business. Some of these metrics include:

Avg. Basket Size
Avg. Transaction Value (ATV)
Avg. Basket Size (UPT)
Conversion Rate
Customer Yield

Can you exclude store employees from the count?faq selection arrow

Yes, Ultima AI can exclude your staff count from your overall visitor traffic data with a simple QR chest tag to get accurate visitor analytics and conversion rates. V-Count provides the staff tags (5x6cm); they have a magnetic clip to attach to the chest area. The staff name area has a space to add name stickers or write names by hand.

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