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How to Measure and Improve Retail Conversion Rate

November 26, 2021
We always hear the term conversion rate and the importance of conversion rate optimization, but what is conversion rate in retail, why is it important, and how can you measure and improve it? What is conversion rate in retail stores?...

Customer Behavior Analytics: 5 Technologies to Track Customer Behavior

When someone visits a retail store, there is a 20-30% chance of making a purchase. If your store has the items they want, the chances of buying improve. If the store layout is simple enough for the visitor to find...

3 Ways Retailers Can Use Heatmap & Zone Analytics to Drive Conversions

What does visitor flow inside a store have to do with conversions? As it turns out, quite a lot. Slight changes in your visitors’ path can increase footfall traffic around promotional displays and help avoid bottlenecks. Data collected manually by…

How to Utilize People Counting & Conversion Rate Data to Improve Sales

Counting the number of people entering and exiting your physical locations gives businesses crucial insights into the dynamics of their operations. Without real and accurate data, retailers can find themselves making uninformed decisions based on guesswork. People Counting gives businesses…

Conversion Rate Optimization: Why It’s Important for Physical Retail

October 12, 2020

If you ask any business if they use analytics to optimize website performance, the answer will most likely be “of course!”. Companies understand that operating a website without proper analytics tools is useless. So why not use in-store analytics for…

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