We deliver customer intelligence to increase your efficiency, conversion rates and profits.

How Retail Analytics Work?

Excellent Combination of Different Technologies

people counting

Measure your visitor traffic data, benchmark your stores and optimize your operational and marketing activities to increase conversion rates and revenue.


Know the reasons behind your most popular zones’ success and apply this knowledge throughout your stores by pricing, product placement and design strategies.


Measure the queues in real time and accelerate the payment process to avoid abandonment and maximize customer satisfaction level by observing their behaviour.


Track your visitors’ movement within your stores, measure street traffic, draw in rate, retention rate, dwell time and cross shoppers to shape customer experience.

Our Customers

People Counter
People Counter
People Counter
People Counter
People Counter
People Counter
gökhan sarsu

We increased our conversion rates and revenues by 27% with V-Count.”

-Gökhan Sarsu, BI Manager, DeFacto

erhan akdoğan

We have been working with V-Count for the past three years, and we consider them as the foundation block for our retail business

-Erhan Akdoğan, Retail Development Director, Arçelik

engin yılmaz

With V-Count, we increased our conversion rate by 15% and realized it was much more effective to make our merchandising and stock decisions on real-time analysis data, rather than on assumptions ”.

                                 -Engin Yılmaz, Stores Coordinator, Hatemoğlu

We improved our customer experience by using V-Count’s people counting and in-store analysis solutions. With their advanced cloud reports, we increased our conversion rate by 8% in a year”.

                               -Murat Şen, Process Development Manager, Bambi

Our In-House Built Hardware


2D+ People Counter

Industry leading V-Count 2D+ is now enhanced with HD vision, improved light responsiveness, digital zoom, Wi-Fi tracking and can perform from 2.2 meters to 8 meters with the same lens.

3D People Counter

3D+ People Counter

V-Count 3D+, now augmented with Wi-Fi tracking, reaches industry leading 98% accuracy with its stereo vision technology and differentiates between children and adults.

Tracker+ kopya


Tracker+ is a new device that complements the foundation provided by people counters’ with Wi-Fi tracking features. It can also be used separately to just gather dwell time without a need for people counters.


Heatmap+ Instore Analytics

V-Count Heatmap+, thanks to its special algorithm and fish eye lens, brings a different data set about visitor engagement levels in terms of occupancy and zone by zone dwell times.

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