Benefits of Using People Counting Technology in Events & Exhibitions

January 23, 2018

In events and exhibitions, the number of people attending is of utmost value. After all, you have a potential return in mind when you organize an event or an exhibition -it could be generating leads, making money or enhancing brand image through PR activities. The only way organizers obtain the return they have in mind is by people attending these events and exhibitions. With the help of people counting technology, it is now possible for the organizers to perceive and analyze the number of people attending the events and exhibitions, calculate their returns on investments and make strategic decisions accordingly.

People counting tools allow organizers to detect popular areas within the event or exhibition venue, measure marketing effectiveness. Another advantage using people counting technology is the ability to monitor and control the movement of the crows in a specific place, if necessary.


Popular Area Detection

By analyzing the number of people gravitating towards different zones of event and exhibition venues, organizers have the ability to detect the popular areas people are being naturally attracted to. People counting data provides insights about the popular zones in venues and with the help of this information, organizers can easily understand the reasons behind the popularity of these zones and make strategic decisions in order to make other areas within the venue reach that performance.


Marketing Effectiveness

On expo areas and booths, people counting technology enables the participants to access the data that will provide insight about the success of different campaigns and media channels used in different areas. This way, the campaigns and channels that attract attention and generate leads can be boosted while ineffective campaigns get delisted. With the help of people counting insights, businesses will be able to have a higher return while the costs remain the same or decline. Thus, using people counting technology helps businesses increase their ROI’s.


Eliminating Risks

Having the data on the number of people within a specific area is also very important to be prepared for emergency situations that can occur when a specific place is overcrowded. In crowded events and gatherings, it is very important to be prepared so that the risk of an unfavourable incident is eliminated. By using people counting data, organizers will know the overcrowded and less crowded areas within the venue. They can decide on the procedures that should be followed in the case of a medical emergency or in case of necessity of a rapid leave of the venue.

To sum up, it is no doubt that people counting technology provides a very valuable set of data to its users that will ensure the safety of an event or exhibition and maximize their returns. Because of these benefits it brings and the risks it helps to eliminate, people counting devices are becoming more popular day by day in events and exhibitions industry, just like almost any other industry.