From Foot Traffic to Sales: The Role of Shopper Yield in Retail Success

May 2, 2023

The competitive landscape is ever-changing, and your potential customers have an even wider list of options to choose from rather than your brick-and-mortar store. As a competitive retailer who wants to improve your business’s bottom line, boost sales and improve…

How Automatic Passenger Counting Technology is Revolutionizing Public Transport Industry

April 23, 2023

Public transportation serves as a primary mode of transportation for billions of people worldwide. It has been a crucial part of modern urban life for many decades now, and the industry is further growing as the demand for public transportation…

Tips and Solutions Guide to Building Sustainable and Green Retail Spaces

April 18, 2023

There is a greater awareness of the environment than ever before on the consumer side, and who can blame them? This is especially true for younger shoppers, but of course, not exclusive to them. Nowadays, shoppers expect accountability from enterprises…

Maximizing Profit with People Counting and Visitor Analytics in Duty-Free Stores

April 12, 2023
It’s more important than ever for duty-free stores to understand and optimize the customer experience, especially to compete with online stores and their advantages. People counting and visitor analytics for the real world are standout ways to succeed in this...

The Importance of Visitor Flow for Retailers and Other Physical Businesses

April 10, 2023
Investing in a new system or technology is never easy, especially if you’re an alien to said new tech. However, the world is changing, and so does the retail environment and customer behavior. Brick-and-mortar businesses have to stay in shape...

Line Busting Strategies to Grow Your Business and Improve Customer Satisfaction

March 22, 2023
Time is a precious commodity in today’s fast-paced world of modern business, and every extra minute spent waiting in line can be costly, both for the customer and the business owner. According to The Market Research, most shoppers abandon physical...

Benefits of People Counting and In-store Visitor Analytics for Supermarkets

March 20, 2023
The retail industry is becoming more and more competitive by the day, and no industry is safe from changing visitor behavior. Your average shopper nowadays is more educated than ever —in the sense that they know what they need and...

How People Counting Can Help You Grow and Manage Your Church

March 17, 2023
Younger generations and less religious than the older ones. This isn’t an educated guess; it’s a fact that’s backed up with objective data based on numerous research and studies. We are not talking about Gen Z or Gen Alpha alone,...

How Educational Institutions Can Benefit From People Counting Technologies

March 13, 2023
Whether it’s tracking student attendance in classrooms, monitoring the utilization of common areas, or keeping a close eye on staff and students to ensure their safety, people counting sensors provide valuable insights that can help any educational institution.  In the...

From Safety to Sustainability: The Benefits of People Counting in Smart Buildings

March 6, 2023
The last decade or so has shown us how smart buildings can and have transformed the way we think about the places where we live or work. Smart buildings come with all kinds of automated systems and use machine learning...