Optimize the layout of the banking floor with our bank traffic counter, and make staff scheduling as efficient as possible. Our bank queue software will boost customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates, and improve overall performance.

Given the highly competitive nature of the financial sector, banks have a lot to gain by adopting these new technologies of queue systems for banking. When people visit banks, they expect a high level of efficiency and professionalism. They want to get in, conduct whatever business they came for, and leave without any delays or hassles. In real life, this is hardly ever the case. With banking queue management systems, however, banks can now have access to the technologies they need to streamline their services and meet the highest standards that visitors expect from them.

People Counting Benefits for Banks

Real-time occupancy

Know the number of people in the building at all times. This helps with staff deployment and management of resources.

People CountingPeak Hours

With the help of bank people counter, know the busiest hours hold the most potential for sales and customer conversion. Adequate preparation is key.

Conversion rates

By comparing the number of visitors to the number of effective operations completed, banks can measure (and improve) their conversion rates.


Figure out the best performers in the chain. Strategies that worked at high-performing branches can be replicated at branches with poorer performances.

Heatmap Benefits for Banks

Track visitor traffic/flow

Visitor flow shows how customers move around, which departments see the most traffic, and customer dwell time in each department.

Improve floor layout

Visitor flow can be used to improve floor layout, increase accessibility, and reduce bottlenecks.

Measure the effectiveness of new initiatives

Test the effectiveness of new marketing initiatives by monitoring visitor traffic to the related departments.

Queue Management Benefits for Banks

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by cutting out queues and reducing wait lines on the banking floor and at customer service desks by using bank queue software.

Optimize staff scheduling

Deploy more staff during peak periods to improve staff-customer ratio.

Increase effective operations

Shorter queues and optimal staffing translate to more effective operations completed per visit.