Retail Store Analytics

Apply your knowledge of customer behavior with our retail analytics solution and increase your sales conversion rates and revenues.

What is retail analytics?
In-store retail analytics is the process of collecting analytical data from your retail store software to provide a better understanding of your customers and their behavior and ultimately improve the performance.
When utilized, retail customer counters can help your retail store optimize marketing and operational strategies. Actionable retail analytics data enables retailers to arrange their store layouts, window displays, and merchandise according to their performance. Retail traffic counters are crucial for managing staff allocation to maximize customer satisfaction.

Real-time Occupancy benefits for Retailers:

Live-monitor Occupancy & Traffic

Integrate occupancy data into your application through an API, and keep your customers updated on the safety of your mall and anchor stores.

Display Occupancy Recommendations

By installing digital screens at the various entrances of your mall and anchor stores, you can coordinate the waiting times and safety of both customers and staff.

Facility Management Per Zone

Optimize facility management per different zones like toilets, food courts, elevators, etc., to provide sanitization depending on traffic, and optimize your energy usage per zone.

Enable Push Notifications

Keep your staff informed with mobile alerts and emails when traffic thresholds are breached.

People Counting Benefits for Retailers:

People CountingReal Time Traffic

Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your stores with 99.9% accuracy, in real time.

People CounterConversion Rate

To understand the effectiveness of your stores, you need to know not just your sales volume, but also, how many customers generated those sales!

People CountingBenchmarking

With the retail analytics data you obtain, you can locate your highest and lowest performing stores and analyze in-store performance for benchmarking.

People CountingPeak Hours

Discover your power hours in which your stores generate most traffic, and have biggest sale opportunities.

People CounterStaff Optimization

Optimize staff operation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your stores during power hours.

 People CountingGroup Counting

Purify your conversion rate by consolidating groups of visitors, families and couples as 1 potential buyer.

People CountingStreet Counting

Know how many potential visitors pass by your stores and your street-to-store conversion rate.

Heat Map Benefits for Retailers:

People CountingRealtime Customer Tracking

Track and record the path and actions of your customers within your stores in realtime. This will enable you to understand where they are lingering, and where they are buying.

People CountingImprove Store Design

Discover the popular areas your customers are being attracted to. This will help you make active decisions about your product placements, lighting and positioning of shelves and mannequins.

People CountingMeasure Success of Products

By measuring your customers dwell-time in certain locations, you can get detailed info about how attractive your new product line is and which products are sold effectively when placed in different areas.

People CountingDelist Unattractive Products

Discover which products are not being sold even though they are placed in an active popular areas. Delist unattractive products from your popular areas within your stores, and improve transaction rates.

People CountingOptimize Popular Areas

Discover how many of your consumers leave your store after visiting which areas and reduce abandonment by changing up store layout and popular area attractiveness.

People CountingMarketing Effectiveness

Improve marketing effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels used in different zones.

Queue Analysis Benefits for Retailers:

People CountingAnalysis

Calculate the number of shoppers that leave the checkout queues, average time spent at queues and define optimal checkout queue lengths.

People CountingEfficiency

Avoid over-crowded checkout queues by allocating your personnel accordingly. This will lead to better customer experience.

People CountingAbandonment

Minimize the time your customers spend at the checkout queues to improve customer satisfaction and prevent abandonment.

People CountingLoyalty

Increase customer satisfaction by improving the checkout process and become your clients go to choice. This will lead to customer loyalty which is invaluable in the long term.