Our Smart Devices will Make Your Business Smarter!

With over 25,000 installations spread across more than 80 countries, V-Count produces the best people counters and retail analytics solutions available in the market! How?

We produce our hardware, embedded software, cloud software and mobile software: practically everything in house! This allows us to create optimum compatibility between all levels of hardware and software, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

What is the most suitable retail intelligence solution for you?


V-Count 3D Alpha+


Introducing NEW double lens, stereo vision technology combined with Wi-Fi tracking feature with minimum 98% counting accuracy.

V-Count 2D+


The V-Count 2D single lens smart device will provide accurate and real-time traffic measurements for all your stores.

V-Count Heatmap


V-Count Heatmap device is equipped with a fisheye lens to calculate the occupancy of certain areas within your stores.

V-Count Tracker+


Tracker+ is a new device that complements the foundation provided by people counters’ with Wi-Fi tracking features.

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