Customer Counter

Optimize your customer experience with our customer counter technology

In the highly competitive retail environment, stores need to ensure they offer the best customer experience possible to stand out. However, this is not usually the case since the business strategies they employ don’t take into account the significant information about customer behavior analytics.

By using customer counter devices, businesses now have the opportunity to gain access to data that, until now, has only been available to online retailers. V-Count delivers accurate real-time assessment of the footfall activity across your whole store and gives you valuable insight into customer behavior, conversions rates, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

With our customer counting system, you will be able to measure and identify the areas inside your store that attract the highest footfall and adjust your selling techniques, store layout, and marketing strategies accordingly to deliver the highest impact.

Our customer analysis software also gives you detailed information about the hourly visitor traffic and peak hours of your store so that you can efficiently allocate your staff according to customer demand.

Our V-Count 3D+ Alpha customer counter provides an unparalleled counting accuracy of 98% with its stereo vision technology, the highest technology available in the people counting market right now.

The device’s bi-directional feature can count entering and exiting visitors at the same time and reports these numbers separately. In addition to calculating people count, V-Count 3D+ Alpha can provide Wi-Fi tracking data, including a draw-in rate. The unit can also deliver a wide range of traffic, queue, and other behavioral metrics, which provide you with additional information about your customers and their shopping behavior. V-Count 3D+ Alpha customer counter is designed for any physical space, including shopping centers, retail chains, entertainment, and sports venues, museums, libraries, airports as well as healthcare facilities.