How to Leverage People Counter Technologies for Healthcare

September 28, 2020

One of the most significant challenges facing healthcare today is the extent to which healthcare systems can interact with every customer to help them stay safe and healthy. This includes limiting the potential spread of the virus or managing other chronic conditions. This is where digital health ecosystems play a significant role.

Innovation in the healthcare industry isn’t news. Over the years, we’ve witnessed groundbreaking developments and a rise in new surgical equipment and treatment protocols to fight disease and combat other medical challenges. There’s another area where innovation is occurring in the way clinicians are interacting with their patients. Today, telehealth visits and virtual patient monitoring have become part of the healthcare delivery scene. In this comprehensive patient care model, hospitals can work smarter with their available resources, protect patients’ and staff’s health and safety, and conserve the use of personal protection equipment.

While there are infinite ways to use technology in healthcare, this article focuses primarily on using people counting and footfall analytics technologies in hospitals. There are numerous innovative ways to utilize technology beyond the traditional to Improve the quality of healthcare, enhance the overall safety in and around the hospital, and mitigate the spread of potential infections, which in turn contribute to higher patient and provider satisfaction.

Hospitals witness high foot traffic on a daily basis; some are patients who require long-term care, some are only there for a checkup, and some others are visiting their loved ones, all navigating through your healthcare facility to get to where they need to be. Using a hospital traffic counter allows hospitals to obtain valuable and accurate visitor traffic data to better understand how their facilities are used, thus improving the visitor experience and optimizing operations to save up on costs.

How V-Count’s People Counters Improve Your Healthcare Facility

A Smart crowd counter from V-Count allows your hospital to analyze foot traffic patterns and visitor behavior. This data can improve the visitor experience at various facilities in your hospital. Here are some of the many ways your healthcare facility can benefit from the data from V-Count’s people counting software:

  • To understand footfall traffic patterns
    Hospital traffic counter systems tell you which area has the most foot traffic by monitoring the number of people entering and exiting a location. This data can be used to better understand how people navigate the hospital, and subsequently, improve their experience.
  • To improve service
    By monitoring the patterns in which people move through your facility, you will gain deeper insights to identify the most popular areas with the highest footfall. This will enable you to improve amenities and determine where to place new ones. For example, you can put a vending machine in the high-traffic areas, close to waiting areas or staff rooms.
  • To optimize facility management
    Data from a hospital door counter can determine the times in which when your hospital facility is busy and when it is not. These traffic trends will help with efficient staff scheduling and reduce costs as a result.

Whether your hospital has already implemented people counter systems or is now considering it, footfall traffic monitoring technologies can act as a force optimizer to support medical teams and improve operations.